Deluxcious Spa Cuisine & Café

If you’re a Spa person, please do not hesitate to drop by this place which had been operated for almost 5 years in this beautiful island.

Currently they are doing some kind of promotion that is 2hour Spa at RM165 with footbath, 45mins of massage scrub and Jacuzzi with Herbal Bath, on top of that a 5 course set dinner is inclusive. Apart from this, they are also having a promotion if you order a glass of their fruit juice, another glass for free. It’s like buy 1 free 1.

The person in charge was wondering why are we keep taking photo shots when we were there, and he was kind enough to explain to me this place has been for around for 5 years. The Chef is very particular about their food standard and their customer’s satisfaction. They are not only serving Western Cuisine but also Fusion.

In fact, what we had for today is more of Fusion feel than Western. They have variety of main course for their customers to choose, from RM13-90 to RM75-00 range from spaghetti to Wagyu Beef.

Set Lunch which started from either Soup of the Day or Salad to Main Course, follow by Dessert and end with either a cup of Coffee or Tea.

Hubby chose Salad as starter.

And I chose their Soup of The Day which is Tomato Soup.

Both serves with 2 hot bun.

Follow by our main course, which is Lily Curry Rice with Unagi. I kept asking the supervisor, why would you call it Lily? He was smiling at me and explained that it’s only a name. You can name it anything you like, Annie, Amy, Catherine, etc.

Hubby have Cilantro Chicken with Wasabi Potato Puree & Vine Tomato Vinaigrette. What an impressive name to name this dish isn’t it?? First bite of the chicken was tender and juicy. It has those slightly sweet, then we realize they actually used teriyaki sauce to marinate the chicken and then grill it.

After the main course, the supervisor was very nice to take me around and allow me to take some pictures. While I was doing so, he also explained to me that they also cater for private functions. They can arrange the setting as per customers’ request or their preference. He told me that the owner of this place has very particular request, which is every corner of this restaurant has to have essential oil light up. Even the washroom is not avoidable. I have taken a few shots, and also the bar counter… it was indeed beautifully set up.

Apart from that, if you are a music lover, there’s a band here on every Friday and Saturday, from 8pm to 11pm. They will all choice of music for their customers, ranging from Mandarin songs to English songs.

They even have a private room for customers that likes to have some fun on Karaoke, RM250 per night to enjoy all sorts of songs that they like.

After all these, my dessert is served.

A cup of coffee that ends the lunch and the photo shootings.

An external look of Deluxcious Spa Cuisine & Café. A heritage building with lots of hidden surprises in it which you never expected.

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Address & Contact Number
Deluxcious SpaCuisine
17A Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
10050 Penang
Tel: +604-262 0288
+604-262 1288
Fax: +604-261 7388
HP: +6016-490 3173


Services includes – Spa treatments, massage treatments, slimming treatments, body treatments, facial treatments, others. Birthday parties, corporate functions, wedding, buffet, private functions and others.


-j- said…
i went there once long long time ago. not bad the food
Unknown said…
wah.... nic einterior and the foods look nice. Will drop by one day. Thanks for sharing!
Anonymous said…
my God, what a great with meal...too far for me to drop by just for it...the ambiance is so nice!!! how i wish i can visit...
allie said…
Nice place ler... hehe...

THe chicken meat looks so tender even in the photo.. must taste good ya.. :)
minchow said…
I've eaten here a few timees and I actually think they've got a good thing going BUT they really should buck up the buns they serve! I've been served twice pandan-flavoured buns (the really cheap sort you get from the motorbike rotiman), which is just so wrong!
email2me said…
Spa cuisine .... I don't really get the concept here. I thought we were getting massage while we dine. Hahahaha
Little Inbox said…
I observed the difference of your photo shooting.
Lingzie said…
one of my favourite places to dine. i love the miso lamb and the chocolate torte!
Steven Goh said…
always passed by this place and wondering wanna go in or not as not much heard about that. After see your post liao wanna go in now.
Food For Tots said…
Always passed by this place when I was in Penang. What is the signature dish?
Big Boys Oven said…
looks awesomely to be true, spa and good food! this is fantastic. I would love to have a pampered spa . . . I heard Lingzie had one of the spa too. I have to day dream spa today :)
Hi Vincent, Thanks for dropping by.

Hi Duckie, so, it's time to go back again, huh?

Hi Food Paradise, no problem... good things must share one!! :D

Hi SimpleGirl, honestly the spa isn't that expensive.

Hi Allie, oh yes... both of the dishes are good!!

Hi 550ml jar of faith, you are right!! When I see the bun the first time, I was like huh?? Such a nice restaurant and elegant, why giving such bun for customers. They ought to buck up that part.

Hi email2me, hahahahaa... of course after spa la!!!

Hi Little Inbox, hehehehe... I curi-curi abang's punya new toy!!

Hi Lingzie, oh yes, the miso lamb is the signature dish. I didn't order because of the hot weather... if I consume lamb some more, think I'll end up dipping in the pool. hahahahaha

Hi Steven, go la!! Then share with us your thoughts!!!

Hi Food for Tots, Lamb!! Is their best!!

Hi BBO, hahahahahaa.... oh ya, they have an outlet in Concord Hotel, but not a restaurant. Am thinking should I write to them for a food review for all of us here. :)
cariso said…
A good promo uh it seems like...I wanna go for food only :)
Nick Chan said…
finally i can see some interior of this restaurant. have been passing by this place for many times and very curious what's inside.

what's with the SPA then?
Qmurate said…
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