Perut Rumah Nyonya Cuisine

A century old heritage has turned into a nice Nyonya Cuisine Restaurant that established for a year plus which located along Jalan Kelawai awaits for all the Nyonya food lovers to try out their food.

When CK published her post on Perut Rumah, I was basically driving around to look for the building. It’s something that is not noticeable if you do not pay attention, well, it’s a bright orange heritage house that on your left if you are coming down from Pangkor Road.

One of the weekends, we both have nothing to do, so spontaneously we hop into this place. When we both first stepped in, we have that ‘WOW’ kind of feeling. It’s beautifully decorated, it’s full of cultural colours, and it’s pleasant to dine in a place like this. Furthermore it could definitely help to boost your appetite.

We were greeted by an elderly man and also the service was attentive, within few minutes our food was served.

Let’s allow the food that speaks for me down here…

A plate of Sambal Petai (RM14), this plate is surely our favourite, though it stinks but it’s definitely one of the best food that doctor would recommend.

A bowl of Tau Eu Bak with 2 Hard Boil Eggs (RM14) apparently is a famous dish for all to order when comes to Nyonya food. Don’t you agree?

A Asam Pedas Stingray (RM15), it taste sour and spicy and it has a little bit of sweetness from the pineapple that cooked together with the paste.

2 cups of home made hot barley (RM6) that give us a soothing throat after such a delighted meal in this hot weather.

And I am pleased to share some of the interior deco as well as the external deco to you... it was pleasant.

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Ed & Cher
Star Online

Address & Contact Number
No. 17 Jalan Kelawei
10250 Georgetown
Tel: +604-227 9917
Fax: +604-229 5917

Business Hour
11.00am to 10.30pm

Cater for –
Chun tok
Office functions
Club reunions
Family reunions
Family gathering
Ceremonial offering


cariso said…
small serving from the pics?
J2Kfm said…
that 1st shot of the petai already had me. i'm sold.

kelawei right? i'll find ya!!
Steven Goh said…
now everyone is eating nonya style everywhere including myself...haha
Anonymous said…
nice place for nyonya food...i was in nyonya feel last month when i watched little nyonya drama series....haha
foodbin said…
nice setting-nonya food is on my mind now.
gill gill said…
heard their food pretty pricey yea?
Duckie said…
yup i heard rather pricey too ..
Babe_KL said…
what a nice ambience... you made me craving for sambal petai now :p
sakaigirl said…
Love the designs, i've been to Hot Wok, nyanya cuisine at tanjung bungah..this place looks new!
Food Promotions said…
The environment suits for a nyonya cruisine.
ck lam said…
The food, especially the petai looks appetizing...must go for a revisit soon. Thanks for the link :)
ai wei said…
love the oldish but pleasant environment
Big Boys Oven said…
wow this place look so homey, I fill like living in it too! :)
Little Inbox said…
I didn't notice about this place.
food-4ttots said…
I love nyonya cuisine. The deco is really very authentic and beautiful. The food also looks delicious too. Will definitely try it out soon. ;)
Jason said…
Nice decor, as if it compliments the dishes.
Hi mimid3vils, yup, it was.

Hi Cariso, errr.... rather small. But that's for only 2 persons wor.

Hi J2Kfm, yes yes yes, Kelawai Road.

Hi Steven, I wonder why and what happen. hahahahaa....

Hi Simple Girl, really???

Hi Foodbin, good..... looks like quite a number of us on Nyonya swing.

Hi Gill & Duckie, the truth... yes, I find it pricey.

Hi Babe_KL, :) have you taken that??

Hi sakaigirl, Hot Work is not my priority place for Nyonya food.

Hi Food Promo, very typical olden days look, hor??

Hi CK, no problem... that's the truth that after read your post, I was searching for this place. :)

Hi Ai Wei, it was very pleasant....

Hi BBO, it was pleasant to dine in there...

Hi Little Inbox, it was hard for me to find for a start, but now it's easy, look out for the orange colour building.

Hi food-4ttots, good hear that you will try it soon, remember to share the post, ya?

Hi Jason, well it does!

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