Home Cooked Deep Fried Egg

I know I’ve been disappearing for long enough that people would be wondering what have I been up to.

Well, long story… and to cut it short. I was busy and will be even more busy for this quarter of the year too. I know I’ve been neglecting this blog and also have not been updating anything about it.

Guess, that’s only 1 sign… that’s either my blogspot is growing bigger and am running out of space, or I basically no time to write something.

I know I feel guilty for leaving it aside, thus, would like to share something simple today. Not any food review… but something simple instead.

Sometimes, we gotta give those credits to our mother, whom being creative and realistic. On Sunday night she was watching this program called One Day Five Meals (一日五餐) that host by Chui Ling.

And one of the meal, Chui Ling was introducing was lunch in Jalan Alor the Muar Restaurant. And I know many bloggers in KL had blogged about this place.

Well… my mom didn’t specially make the sauce which was claimed by the originator, but she put dark soya sauce instead. Well, how do you find it?

It’s typically deep fried egg, and what people called it…. ‘Char Tan’ 炸蛋.

What you need is a pot of oil, heat it with light flame till it’s burning hot, and deep fried the eggs within few seconds and lift up.

Add the dark soya sauce for seasoning.

Good to serve with hot steam rice….. if you’ve visited Muar Restaurant in Jalan Alor, do let me know how do you find this compared to the one from the restaurant.


Little Inbox said…
Pal, finally see your post after the long break from blogging. Good to know that you're just busy.
allie said…
I thought I have been missing your update. Busy with your new camera ? :)
cariso said…
No step-to-step ? :)
J2Kfm said…
oh she covered restaurant Muar? i missed that episode then.

this has been one of my to-eat restaurant, but alwiz missing this as i'd eaten in pavilion most of the times.
Food For Tots said…
Glad to know your whereabout. Haven't tried it before but I am not a fan of deep-frying food. ;P
Unknown said…
Ah will try it out one day. Try to blog more when you have time ya! ^-^
Anonymous said…
no need to put flour?
choi yen said…
Does it taste oily?
buzzingbee said…
it's like deep fried is it? will be oily right?

Do post when you are free. No worries. :) (I sometimes feel compelled to blog..which shouldn't be the way)
wmw said…
Yes, deep fried egg...ever so sinful but ever so yummy! There's a place in Tong Shin, KL. Haven't been there for a while that does a mean version of this ... Restoran Muar.
Babe_KL said…
i tried restoran muar's which is very good and i thot it was just dark soy sauce, special sauce???

your version looked good :D
Sweet Jasmine said…
Could indulge in this once in a while. Eggs are so versatile which I always stock in my kitchen.
Big Boys Oven said…
OMG! that looks like a lot of eggs, but I deep fried eggs always my favourite! :)
Hi Little Inbox, hehehehe… was very busy.

Hi Allie, not quite… foresee to be busy within these few months, will try to update as much as I can.

Hi Cariso, no need one…. Just have a pot of oil and heat it up, then throw in the eggs and deep fried.

Hi J2Kfm, yup, she covered that. It’s already in one of my makan list in KL.

Hi Food for Tots, :) well once in awhile we’ll crave for deep-frying food.

Hi Food Paradise, oh sure!!

Hi Simple Girl, no need. Just throw it to the hot oil. Hahaha

Hi mimid3vils, nope, not at all.

Hi Buzzingbee, not quite, I don’t find it oily. Am now finding time to update the blog as much as I can. :)

Hi WMW, yup… that’s what my mom followed.

Hi Babe_KL, that’s what the owner told Chui Ling, they said it’s a special sauce. :)

Hi Sweet Jasmine, wow… it’s great to see you back here. You’re right. Eggs are versatile in my household.

Hi BBO, well, 8 of us in the family, each one of us have 1 egg…. [wink]

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