75° Celsius Restaurant & Bar (Drinks)

** 75° Celsius Restaurant & Bar stopped operation **
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75° Celsius has just opened for business few months ago and we’re lucky to have Ken to arrange for a review with them.

This part of the post will only be showing the drinks that 75° Celsius offer. Beverages from hot to cold, from cold to liquor provided.

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What caught my attention is this… Michael Jackson. Yes, you’re right, you didn’t read it wrong and neither do I type it wrongly too. That’s a drink that named after MJ. The drink that is consists of Tia Maria, Malibu and Cointreau liquor that makes this beautiful Michael Jackson (RM10-00).

Apart from MJ, the common cocktails that we normally have it in many clubs, discotheques, or pubs are Tequila Sunrise, AK47, Screw Driver, Lemon Drop, Milk Shake Bailey and many other more.

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AK47 (RM18-00) is a type of cocktail which has Bourbon Whiskey, Brandy, Cointreau, Gin, Lime, Rum, Vodka, Scottish Whiskey and Soda Water. Mix all these liquors in a shaker and shake well with ice and pour that into a brandy glass. And that’s make an AK47, anyone dare to try?

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Tequila Sunrise (RM13-00) cocktail which requires 2 shots of white tequila, orange juice and 1 shot of grenadine that makes a a colorful cocktail that normally serves in a highball tall glass.

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Screw Driver (RM13-00) is a common ladies cocktail, and it’s the simplest cocktail that anyone could make. Just vodka and orange juice mixed well. Isn’t that easy?

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Lemon Drop (RM10-00) basically is vodka, lemon and sugar ingredient. Some how it has many version of making one. What commonly made was having vodka, lemon and sugar shake well in a shaker and pour it on a martini glass and garnish with lemon twist.

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Am sure many of us know Bailey liquor, but have you tested Milk Shake Bailey? Something unique, uh? Well, you can find this in 75° Celsius. And it’s only costs RM8-50.

Non-Alcoholic Cocktail always have fancy name, those that normally people will order for their female friends are Pussy Cat, Fruit Punch, Shirley Temple, etc. But 75° Celsius is offering even more fancy cocktail that I never thought so. The name of the cocktail is beautiful and attractive.

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For example, Dawn of the Beauty (RM7-00), it’s the top drinks in 75° Celsius. Isn’t it colorful?? And I managed to capture the making of the drink too… it’s beautiful that’s all I could say.

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Lemon Temptation (RM7-00), is refreshing and has its cooling effect. It’s made from fine lime with Sprite.

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Philadelphia (RM7-50), I never thought American State could be named for a cocktail. It’s a 3 mix top up with soda.

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Wild Fruit Blended (RM7-00) is also another beautiful cocktail and suitable for people that can’t tolerate liquor.

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75° Celsius also have some decent beverages like milk shake, variety choices from Green Tea, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

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Ice Blended Chocolate (RM9-50) with whip cream nicely decorated.

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If you’re a coffee lover, don’t miss their Ice Espresso (RM7-00).

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Cappuccino & Hazel Nut Cappuccino (RM5-00) is also another hot beverage that is nice to have after a heavy meal.

This place is definitely a nice, cozy place to hang out with friends… especially they have so many beverages choices for us to choose.

Please stay tune for more, the next post will be on food review.

Address & Contact Number
75° Celsius Restaurant & Bar
No. 75, Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang
Tel: +604-227 3775
Business Hour: 11am to 2.00am


ai wei said…
the drinks are all pretty and well prepared! slurrrp, i m eyeing on the Tequila Sunrise and AK47... how does ak 47 taste? strong???
Big boys Oven said…
The drinks served here is awesome, and exciting, I juts love looking at them! The young man looks so awesome taking care of those drinks! great smile too!
J2Kfm said…
haha, priceless shot of the bartender.
allie said…
Great review on the drinks! I love your MJ drink shot!
-j- said…
oh i like the drinks!!! they all look so nice!!!
Steven Goh said…
I feel that this place is more suitable for drink than food. If got chance to go back I am going to try out the rest of cocktail
worldwindows said…
The drinks make the meal!
ck lam said…
A nice and detailed review...
Little Inbox said…
I missed so many types of drinks, what to do?
Nice shots! :)
allenooi said…
i still not yet posted about this. will post it soon. i hope so. u have very nice shots on the making of the drinks. nice!
email2me said…
Your pictures all improved. Nice shots and great can be able to have you join us in this session. :D
cariso said…
I think this is a place for drinks too.
My Taste Heaven said…
nice place...thanks for the info, going to try it out soon. I will try MJ for sure!!
buzzingbee said…
very detailed and great shots!
We tried so many kind of drinks and food here right!
rather affordable drinks! too bad its in penang though..
Hojiak said…
Good for coffee lover, Nice Shots!
minchow said…
I was just there yesterday! Must say we were impressed with the drinks served... the coffee (Americano) was not quite up to par though. So, when in doubt, go for alcohol! :-D