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Do you have the problem to decide what to eat when comes to lunch time or dinner time?? Seriously, I do… I have lots of places in mind that I wanna try, but many times can’t remember where is it or some how forgotten about it. Even though I wrote it down in a piece of paper… sad, uh??

I wonder was that the early stage of Alzheimer? Or am aging?

Well, let’s cut the craps. If you’re looking for Home Cooked kind of food for dinner, that’s nothing better than this place – Ivy’s Kitchen.

A place you don’t find MSG on the food, service is excellent, and friendly. Most important, the food is good!

It’s a 2nd review that extended by Mr Tan from Ivy’s Kitchen and arranged by Criz for us. It’s a great pleasure meeting with some new bloggers which I have not met before… it was a great company that night.

Before the food introduction, a brief on this place… a place that operates by a couple Mr Tan & Ivy. The restaurant has operated since 2 years ago. And recently installed air-cond at the inner dining area for customers to have a more comfortable place to dine. Ivy’s Kitchen also given a card to their customers for stamp collection. For each RM5 spent, customers are entitle for a chop/stamp. Customers are encourage to collect 10 chops/stamps in one card and entitle for a free set meal or RM7.50 discount on a total bill.

Ok, let’s back to the food… all fruit juices that were served are charged RM2-20 each. Fruit juices are freshly squeeze… and we’re served with all the drinks above.

If you’re craving for crabs and not expect anything spicy, I bet Ivy’s Kitchen could provide a delicious Sweet & Sour Flower Crab. It’s only charge RM30-00 per kati which is approximately 600g. It would be good if have bread or mantou to dip on the sauce. That’s really heaven!

Joo Hoo Char (RM10-00) is something simple yet it’s also a test to a cook’s skill in terms of the chili that accomplishes the dish. And am giving 2 thumbs up for the Sambal Belachan. It’s just too good!

Many of us never know Kailan (RM8-00) can be stirred fried with Sambal Belachan, with Ivy’s Kitchen’s Sambal Belachan, this plate of Kailan is absolutely appetizing. For those that love spicy food, this could add on 2 bowl of steam rice. [Note: RM8-00 (S), RM10-00 (M), RM14-00 (L)]

Chicken Lobak (RM6-00), is tasty, though many will expect pork meat, but I can say this is equally as tasty as pork meat. Oh ya, Ivy’s Kitchen is a pork free eatery outlet.

Assam Prawns (RM4-00 to RM5-00). Do you believe the price and the amount of prawns that offered in Ivy’s Kitchen? In fact, the prawns are so flavorful and the prawns are fresh too.

Curry Tumis Fish is indeed tantalizing, because it’s sourest, and lots of chili flower that make the curry alluring. (RM9-00 per 100g)

Tofu Seaweed Soup is flavorful, and it’s simple. . [Note: RM8-00 (S), RM10-00 (M), RM14-00 (L)]

Last that ends the dinner for the night is Red Bean Soup with Dried Longan (RM2-00 per bowl).

Oh ya, a complimentary Beef Rendang from Ivy's Kitchen for us to try, many of us commented this is absolutely mouth watering.

Right now with all the dishes mentioned above, it gives many of us know what can Ivy's Kitchen could offer. Do give it a try... I bet, you wouldn't regret to step in.

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Address & Contact Number
Ivy’s Kitchen
No. 58 Jalan Chow Thye
10250 Penang
Tel: +6013-433 7878 (Mr Tan)
Tel: +6016-433 7130 (Ivy)

Business Hour:
9am to 9pm
(except Saturday from 12noon onwards)


J2Kfm said…
wait, the prawns RM4-RM5 per serving?!!! or per piece?
Duckie said…
i enjoyed the meal ... hope to meet in future reviews!!!
Anonymous said…
nice review of Ivy's Kitchen by u guys.....the thing that attracted me is the the assam prawns
Unknown said…
Nice to meet you in person and I enjoyed every moment with all the attendees and also the foods. ^-^
buzzingbee said…
another review...very home-cooked kind of dishes. Nice :)
Big Boys Oven said…
for sure Ivy Kitchen menu got loads of awesome variety to select from!
Food For Tots said…
I am drooling looking at the assam prawns!
Waco said…
Nice photos you took. My colleague just visited it last nite :D
Steven Goh said…
wao... it a very long lasting review. I can see every now and then still got people writing Ivy's post.
ck lam said…
Nice variety of dishes...I have yet to try them.
Hi J2Kfm, per serving if I remember correctly.

Hi Duckie, same here.

Hi SimpleGirl, do visit when you’re in town.

Hi Food Paradise, same here… hope to catch up with you again.

Hi Buzzingbee, :) thank you.

Hi BBO, well, indeed!!

Hi Food for Tots, hehehehe… nice one!

Hi Waco, thank you. How’s your colleague find the food?

Hi Steven, oh, this is another session leh.

Hi CK, do drop by and check them out. Pretty good food.
Anonymous said…
so sucks.I don't enjoy the meat at all.

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