Ingolf’s Kneipe

There are many types of eatery outlet in town, you can name it American food like Chilis, Japanese food, Korean food, etc… and one of it is pretty well known in the Pearl of Orient island is the German food. Ingolf in short has been around in town for a long long time. In fact, the food here is generous in serving and also a nice place to hang out with friends if you’re a beer lover.

All these while what I have thought about German food is sausages, not an ordinary size but a gigantic one. Not only that, but what’s pretty notable are bacons, sausages, meat, pork knuckles.

It was a family gathering recently that opened my eyes about German food that I have been thinking about is not absolutely correct. But however, whether is too meaty or what, it does has it special taste.

2010_03_13 Ingolf 013a

Butcher Platter (RM46-80), suitable for 2.

2010_03_13 Ingolf 010a

Mushroom Soup (RM8-80)

2010_03_13 Ingolf 011a

Braunschweiger Style Onion soup (RM8-80), contains beef.

2010_03_13 Ingolf 007a

Garlic Bread (RM5-80)

2010_03_13 Ingolf 019a

Pork Belly (RM28-80)

Address & Contact Number
Ingolf’s Kneipe
Jalan Sungai Kelian
Tanjong Bungah
Tel: 604-899 5796

Note: No service tax


Little Inbox said…
Too much of meat, that's what I think about Germany food.
minchow said…
This looks brilliant. Despite my best laid plans, I never managed to have a full meal there... always got carried away by the drinking!
J2Kfm said…
This place was one of the more memorable places we remember, dating back to our uni days.

Still remember how packed this was during lunch hours.
Food For Tots said…
I'm not a big fan for German food even though I don't mind having it once in a while. ;)
ck lam said…
Always been a nice place for a meal.
Big Boys Oven said…
wow looks truly amazing! slurps!
cariso said…
Me too thinking the same as Little Inbox, German food is too 'carnivorous'.
Christina Kim said…
Oooo.......really tooooooo much meat...LOL =P
Anonymous said…
hi there
am going to Kl for a food trip
can u email me 10 restaurants that i should not miss.
no fine dining places please
local and foreign food welcome
email2me said…
Ooooo ..... I love the butcher feast! So meaty! XD
Taufulou said…
fuyoh! look at the meat...also lau nua~
Unknown said…
Been there before but have not done the review yet. ^-^
Steven Goh said…
long time didn't try out the Butcher Platter there dee. want to go back there and try again.
allie said…
Not really a meaty person myself. but would love to try this out!
Jason Wong said…
Only went there once or twice. Not really fond of their service.
Hi Little Inbox, I have the same thought too.

Hi michow, hahahaha… should try one of these days.

Hi J2Kfm, good memories, uh?

Hi Food for Tots, German food can be real fascinating at times.

Hi CK, and also a place for a German beer.

Hi BBO, no doubt about it.

Hi Cariso, think of the fascinating ways. Perhaps that helps.

Hi Christy, hahahaha…

Hi email2me, it’s really a love hate feeling about this platter.

Hi taufulou, quickly get your handkerchief. Hahahahaha

Hi Food Paradise, so when la??

Hi Steven, and remember to post ya?

Hi Allie, do check it out… it’s pretty good.

Hi Jason, their service in fact making customers real miserable. At times they are ok, at times they are not.