Kim Maou Café 和記生魚頭米粉

2010_02_17 Kim Mao Cafe 015a

We were searching for this stall for a long long time and didn’t realize they have actually moved out from The Sky Hotel in Chulia Street and now in Cintra Street. It was a coincident circumstance for us to know actually this stall has actually moved to this coffee shop.

I didn’t know much about this stall history, but, this stall does give me some sweet memories. You know when you are in the courtship, wherever your date brought you, you will definitely remember it. Be it is candle light dinner or street food.

2010_03_27 Kim Mao Cafe 011a 2010_03_27 Kim Mao Cafe 013a 2010_02_17 Kim Mao Cafe 003a

I dare not say the Sar Hor Fun or the Fish Head Bee Hoon is one of the best in town, but, I could see the stream of customers flowing into the shop has never stop.

2010_02_17 Kim Mao Cafe 008a 2010_03_27 Kim Mao Cafe 003a

And only today, I got to know actually this stall was previously from Baling, Kedah states. He used to fry Wanton Mee in his early business, and due to long process in preparing, the boss actually had stopped doing that.

And that leaves us to try on his specialties like Sar Hor Fun, Fish Head Bee Hoon, Fried Yee Mee, or Wan Tan Hor (滑蛋河).

2010_03_27 Kim Mao Cafe 001a 2010_03_27 Kim Mao Cafe 015a

The Fish Head Bee Hoon that he’s serving is different from other stalls. He will not add the oil but leaving it for his customers to add per their preference. In fact, I quite like that, some people do not want an oily bee hoon for dinner.

2010_02_17 Kim Mao Cafe 001a 2010_02_17 Kim Mao Cafe 004a

As for Sar Hor Fun (炒河粉) is definitely fragrant. Fragrant in a sense that it’s full of wok hei. I suppose the fire that controls the wok is absolutely important.

This stall is diagonal opposite Sun Yoon Kee Seafood Restaurant in Cintra Street. And it’s setup in Kim Maou Café.


J2Kfm said…
A very classic place, judging from the utensils used to serve the noodles.
Lingzie said…
the sar hor fun looks good! hard to find a good plate of sar hor fun nowadays! :)
email2me said…
Wah !!!! Die die must kena one round here. Such a nice sar hor fun! KL YIN YEONG sucks!
cariso said…
I like the idea of leaving to customers to pour the oil. I will appreciate that a lot!
Little Inbox said…
The sar hor fun looks really good!
choi yen said…
the fish head noodle different with those milky soup type?
Taufulou said…
ehh, i want to have a bowl of the hoo tau bee hoon in this rainy day..

*imagine slurping the noodle..~ Stim!