Home Cooked Salted Egg Minced Meat Porridge 鹼蛋豬肉粥

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Whenever I feel my body is heaty, I’ll either drink lots of Chinese herbal drink or make myself Salted Egg Minced Meat Porridge. Honestly, it does help in terms of cooling the heat, and secondly it’s always delicious.

After all, ingredients are easy to find and it’s always cheap to make for 2 persons at home.

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1 cup of rice
4-5 cups of water
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1 salted egg
200 to 250 gram of minced meat


  1. Briefly rinse the rice with running water.

  2. Boil 4 cups of water in high flame.

  3. 2011_06_25 Home Cooked Porridge 005a

  4. Then put in the rice in the boil water, and boil.

  5. Once rice turn thicker, briefly stir so that it will not get stick at the pot

  6. Before dish out, add in salted egg. Salted egg has to be mashed into small pieces.

  7. Add in minced meat. Tips – if you like the meat to be a bit flavoury, you can add salt and pepper to taste or a dish of sesame oil. However, I leave it as it is, I like the taste as it is.

  8. Once cooked, dish out and garnish with spring onions or ginger slice.
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