Kofi Haven

A boring Saturday night, and decided not to cook… what can we do? Of course eating out la! Right?

My husband and I were doing nothing, but ronda-ronda, ended up we both landed in AutoCity in Juru.

Guess what, … we were eating nasi lemak in one of the café. And this café is absolutely typical for those “IN” thingy. It’s just like another café in KL, soft music, good service, serving some local food, and of course there have the magazine racks to offer their customers when the food is slightly delay in serving.

Oh ya, this shop is named KofiHaven (doesn’t that sound like Coffee Heaven?) And this was the name that caught my Kopi King ~ Husband’s attention.

That’s not too bad to give it a try though this nasi lemak is not one of the best in town. Oh ya, the price is about RM10++ without drinks, duh.

Ooopsy… before I forget, the shop is actually located in AutoWorld, Juru. It’s opposite of AutoCity (where you can see Citibank, Porsche, KFC). To be specific, it’s next to Maybank.

They do serve breakfast, unfortunately only business hours are from 10am to 1am Tuesday to Sunday, off on Monday.

So, check it out guys.