Is Chili's coming to Penang????

I was told Chili's is coming to Penang!!! Is that right?

And it will be opened in G Hotel located along Persiaran Gurney or next to Gurney Plaza.

I bet many Penangites will definately go for it... just like TGIF when it first opened in Queensbay.

Uhem... before it opens in Penang, hehehe... let's share a few of these for anyone out there... ok?

I was told the price between Chili's and TGIF, Chili's is more worth spending as they refill your drinks unlike TGIF doesn't.

The food that they serve are kinda big portion, and if you're a small eater, my advice is to share with someone else. Otherwise, it will be wasted.

Don't believe me... Oh yes, please take a look at this....

We ordered the Classic Chicken Fajitas and it comes with these side dishes. And you don't believe it, 2 of us can't finish this dish, and left over this much.

See what it left....

We also ordered the Triple Play as starter. And we thought starter would be something small... Unfortunately we didn't manage to capture the picture, however it does look alike this menu.

And, that's what it left ....

If you ask me, do I like the food in Chili's .... well, I don't quite like it, as it's like Mexican food where it's spicy. I guess that's why it is called Chili's.

Oh ya, what I like about this outlet is the view that I appreciated (had lunch in KLCC Chili's). Unfortunately that day the fountain wasn't working and I was told they are doing the fountain maintainance.

The crowds are more of youngsters & families. Give it a try if you have not try before.


Anonymous said…
TGIF does hv free refills ...
Thks for correcting me... will check it out.. cuz, the last time I went, they don't have refill. But that was in 1-U that I went.