Shanghai Soup Dumpling (上海小笼包)

Hmmm, before Dragon-i opens in Queensbay, let's share a few of their dishes here. In fact, I've tried their Shanghai Xiao Long Boa (上海小笼包), and it's better than 翡翠 in Lot10, Bukit Bintang.

The soup is tasty and the skin of the dumpling is thin; dip a bit of vinegar and some gingers.... oolala... it's delicious. Oh ya, it's best to eat when it's steaming hot.

Beside this Xiao Long Boa, we've ordered this Fried La Mein with Seafood. To our surprise it was pretty good also. It wasn't salty and it's full of seafood in fact. Beside, I've ordered this Bamboo Chicken Lam Cheong Steam Rice for myself. Not too bad though.

This is what I ordered.

And this is what I have.

Beside all the above, we also ordered some side dishes, like this corn boa, dessert like tong sui.

Hehehe.... my sister found these nice and kept asking me to take a few of these too.... How do ya find it? Nice?

Heard a lot about Dragon-i in fact, from all the food bloggers and many of them have actually given good remarks.

They have many outlets in KL, outlets at The Curve, Damansara, MidValley, etc, and now they will be opening one in Queensbay, Penang. And am sure there will be lots of people visiting during weekends.

Well, folks... let's flood into Dragon-i man!!!!


Ruby said…
Yes! Soup Dumpling(上海小籠湯包) is very good, I love it ,and I'm so happy that people in other countries like it too~(I'm Taiwanese!)
Hi 徐彧柔, thk u for dropping my blog, and hope to see you more often. Do visit Malaysia whenever you have the opportunity.

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