32 Mansion

I believe many Penangites will know where is 32 Mansion and also noted of its ambiance and cozy atmosphere.

In fact, this is one of my past dated post. Been to 32 Mansion some time in early June and total 7~8 of us and the total bill was only less than RM300. So, it's worth of dining there during lunch. They will encourage you to try their Executive Lunch where they serve Lamb Shank, Cod, etc of which these are their specialties.

If you love jazz music, their in house band will commence from 9pm till 12am every day (if am not mistaken). The soothing music and voice will give you a marvellous candle light dinner with your love one.

Personal advise, please make reservation especially on Friday - Sunday night.

Ok, here are some pictures where I took and personally I find the chicken kebab is better than the cod fish.

The above is seafood pasta with tomato source.

Lamb chop with special source.

That's one thing that you must try whenever you're here in 32 Mansion, that's they salad. The Piquant Salad Source is their in house specialty, it has the strong lemond grass and lemon that makes the source so tasty. The Executive Lunch offers either the soup of the day or the salad, main course, dessert, followed by coffee or tea.

Do drop by if you like beaches, the breezes, the soothing jazz, and the cozy environment for dinner and lunch. I'll strongly recommend this place for any couples too...

Oh ya, they also cater for any wedding banquet, I heard it turns out to be very romantic too.

32, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah

Tel Contact:
604-262 2232


Tummythoz said…
Yet to stray into such establishment over there yet. Whenever I'm in Pg, the hawker fare will keep me very full.
Hi tummythoz,... Penang welcome you!!!
Anonymous said…
Yea same for me, usually will go all out for the hawker stalls. Must get local guide next time though.
tankiasu - hehehe... once in a while must indulge yourself mah!
Anonymous said…
Hi New Kid On The Blog, nice pics you have there. It's been sometime since I visit Penang.
Hi Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong!!! Do visit if you have time.... Penang do have good food
Anonymous said…
Maybe we should put up a proposal to do food hunting in Penang *evil grin*
Hi Jason, hmmm, not a bad idea.

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