Fried Meat with Fermented Bean Curd

Yes, my invented dish.... hehehehe... perasan only, in fact this was taught by my mom. I was once sick of preparing dinner and tired of cooking (even though loved one loves eating). Probably am too tired.

But then, mom said I'll have additional bowl of rice if I cook this dish. I wondered why would I, ha ha... now I know why. Cuz, it's delicious and it's spicy.

Ok, ingredients are simple.

1st, just get those 'sam chang bak' (三層肉), marinate with sugar (heard from mom that will make your meat tender, better than soda bicarbonate) & dark soya source for about 30 mins to 1 hour.

Then, take one cube each of those fermented bean curd (腐乳 & 南乳), mix these both.

Wash dried chilies (辣椒乾) and cut into half, and some garlics.
Hit up the wok with some oil, fried those dried chilies first till it's fragrant and add on those garlics.
After that, add those meat into the wok and stir fry.
Follow by those blended fermented bean curd and continue stir fry.

And, this will be the dish that makes you add on additional bowl of rice!! hehehehehe


Anonymous said…
When marinate, add in cornflour. It'll give the meat smoother texture :)
ai.... an experience cook eh? thks for giving me tips.

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