Steam Bean Curd / Tofu (蒸豆腐)

Mince meat (pork) steam bean curd/tofu would be an easy food for old folks or even toddler. Isn't it true? Bean curd is something soft, and easy to swallow, need not to chew, right?

Anyway, I'd learned this from a girlfriend. She taught me how to cook this dish. She was telling me this dish is nutritious and easy to make.

What you actually need is actually 2 to 3 tubes of these egg tofu, mince meat (ie. beef, mutton, chicken or pork), few mushrooms (dried or fresh), and chopped spring onions to sprinkle on top.

Before steaming, first must marinate the meat as well as the mushrooms. Marinate with dark soya source, oyster source (for about 30mins) and a bit of sugar and salt to balance the taste.

Then, you need to heat up the wok, and fry some garlics till fragrant, and add on the mince meat and the mushrooms. Fried till it's cooked, and leave it aside. Cut those egg tofu with desired size and line it on the place. Pour those cooked mince meat on top of the egg tofu and steam for 10 minutes. Then after, sprinkle those chopped spring onions on top the egg tofu.

Viola.... here comes my dinner!!!! [wink][wink]


K A said…
wah i got very hungry looking at your blog. keep up the good work.
wmw said…
Hi there...came over from the Ultimate List. I'm also a fellow flogger :o). I like to eat Japanese tofu with minced meat. Yummy...
Hi ka® - Thk u for the encouragement. Will 'work hard' on it. :-)

Hello wmw - Thks for dropping by. Do make one of those Jap tofu, it's delicious.... yummy yummy!!
Anonymous said…
Woah... plentiful minced meat toppings!
hehehe... pai seh pai seh... too little is like not enough to eat mah....
Piggy said…
wow, this looks good and it's also a very creative way of serving tofu. I will try it out soon!

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