Ajisen Ramen

Whoever saw this cute little girl holding a bowl of noddles, am sure you will know this is Ajisen Ramen's symbol or rather logo. Unfortunately I don't understand Japanese, thus don't really understand what it says about its history in their website.

I believe this is a 1st outlet in Penang, and it's located in Gurney Plaza.

Hubby and I was pretty spontaneous when we decided to call a half day off from our hectic schedule. We both are enjoying our quality time that spent together.
I didn't know much about this Ramen, but from the menu that they gave us, I could see they do have many branches in all over the world, eg. Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, etc.The waitress there was kind enough to introduce their specialty and also explained to us their soup base are mainly came from pork ribs, bones and so on (non-halal). In fact, she recommended 'Volcano Ramen' which is the spicy type of ramen.

With that recommendation, I took the 'Volcano Ramen' and hubby took the Dried Ramen. Both turn out to be nice and good, but hubby prefers their Dried Ramen, cuz, that's something different from the soupy. Oh yes, one thing that we like it very much is because the noddle textures are crunchy and less alkaline. For the lunch itself, we have spent RM31-50, so expensive or not?? Or we should weigh this with the quality time spent with your loved one?

Address & Contact Number
Ajisen Ramen
170-G-51 Gurney Plaza
10250 Penang
Tel/Fax: 04-2266 827


Anonymous said…
I only been to Gurney Plaza once. Should make a trip to Penang when there's chance to do so :)
welcome welcome!!!!
am heading to Ipoh this Sunday!!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi there,

Just want to let u know that Ajisen in S'pore also selling the same price but in SGD, therefore, your meal is considered cheap in S'pore. Exchange rate is SGD 1 = RM 2.24

By the way, if you visit the restaurant again, can u help me check out whether they sell the ramen in package form. It is package in plastic, and u can bring home to cook, something like maggi mee but the ramen is chilled type. They sell it at the Ajisen restaurant in S'pore @ SGD 5 per pack.

U can email me @ debklw@hotmail.com

hi anonymous, sure, only if i revisit them again... but not at this time.... probably a month later...

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