emoH-Meotin Cafe

Normally over the weekends, the cook will usually perform a strike!! Well, can't blame them, right?? They do need a break!!! And the cook is.... my mom!! [wink]

It was a pleasant suggestion from dad that to eat out on Sunday nite. So, since we have not really been patronized all the outlets in Auto City, hubby suggested let's try one of those outlet. And, honestly I don't know how to pronounce this ~ emoH-Meotin Cafe.
We were actually in the midst of deciding where to eat, should we go for this or the other which is Thai cuisine. After all the debates, my banker said, let's go for this emoH-Meotin Cafe. This cafe operates Happy Hour from 4pm to 9pm, so I believe after 9pm it will turns out to be a pub.

Anyway, a quick snap shot on their menu... I don't quite like the fonts that they'd printed. Though it looks artistic... but it makes me feel giddy after looking it too long.
Dad ordered a Bake Chicken Rice, it doesn't turn out to be like a chicken.
Mom ordered a Deep Fried Fillet of Fish, to me it's more of like Fish & Chips.
Hubby ordered a Napoli Chicken, I guess it meant Napoleon. And it came with spaghetti with tomato sauce. Among the dishes, this is one of the better one.
He also ordered a soya bean cappuccino for himself. But we don't taste any soya bean, however the cappuccino is kinda strong. I like the cup though... nice, huh?

I thought I was safe to order Tom Yum, ended up it was a total disappointment. From the menu it was nicely pictured. But when they served, it wasn't as per the picture in the menu. Taste wise, I wouldn't recommend.

Oh ya, we also ordered some garlic bread as a starter. And usually garlic bread will serve first, however this is the other way, they serve all the main course first then only served you the garlic bread. Don't you find it amuze? I guess I personally like 32 Mansion garlic bread. It's a complete different from others. If you have a chance, do visit 32 Mansion.

Komplek Auto World
Jalan Perusahaan
North South Highway Juru Interchange


Shireen Loh said…
oh my!! mouth watering yum yum...I'm hungry again :)
hi shireen, thks for dropping by. do drop by more often ya?? :D
looks like its more then a pub i guess..pub food is normally greasy food haha..
Anonymous said…
The first word... "emoH". Reverse it and you get "Home".
Hi Joe, ya lor... it's more of pub... but then, they do have main course though....

Hi Jason, ... geee... you're observant... I didn't notice that!!
stranger-online said…
The baked rice and tom yam doesnt look good. But the fish looks yummy. Seems like the Autocity is doing very well. Definitely will visit there when i get back to M'sia.
Hi there, you're right, everything is so so, the fish was good. You should visit Auto City when you're back. It's pretty happening down there.
boo_licious said…
It's an interesting name though. I love the food at 32 the Mansion. Very nice and the atmosphere is great there too.
Hi Boo, yup, you're right.... in fact, there are many places like 32 Mansion in Penang... Will post more if $ & time permit... hahahaha... :D
Jackson said…
so difficult to pronounce...i like to coffee cup tho
Anonymous said…
Oh I can imagine the disappointments!
Hi Jackson, the cup quite nice hor?

Hi tankiasu, I've learn dont put too much hope, then we'll not have great disappointment. right?
Jackson said…
yayyaa...next time u should ask them where to get the cup...hehe
Eh Jackson, no need to ask them where to buy the cup, ask them whether can they give their customer as a gift or token or not? hehehehehehe.... good idea leh???
Sweet Jasmine said…
yeh,yr mom do need a break...me always tell my hubby and sons that when I am so tired from days of cooking at home...so much nice food out there...would try out Autocity later...welcome to drop by too..
Hi Sweet Jasmine, thks for dropping by.... do share some thoughts after visiting Auto City, ya??
Tummythoz said…
Heard Auto City is expanding again?
IronEaters said…
the bake chicken rice looks v tantalising! and garlic bread. i jt lov garlic breads!
Anonymous said…
Oh dear.. maybe they mixed-up thinking that garlic bread for dessert? Lol
Hi tummythoz, not that I know of, perhaps they are. Cuz, it's a talk of a the town right now.

Hi ironeaters, the baked chicken rice isn't that good, in fact the fish and the pasta is better than the others.

Hi durianberry, ya ya ya... maybe!! hahahaha....

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