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It’s M’sia 50th Birthday today….
And there are many freebies around in town, whether in shopping mall or food, anything.

So this morning, we’re early, drove all the way to down town to eat Koay Teow Th’ng. I know I know … it’s KTT again. But then, … the stall wasn’t open… I guess it’s because of the 50th birthday. :)
While we’re on the way to KTT stall, I spotted this Taiwanese Breakfast, and I thought it should be something different. So, we decided to give it a try. I thought it has yet to be opened for business, cuz, we don’t see anyone in there, secondly, we saw some of the workers were drilling something.
Anyway, the waitress there was introducing the food that they offer. And, also telling us what Taiwan have for their breakfast, unlike us down here eat KTT, CKT, etc. By looking at the menu, we thought it would be something different to try, so, we order Taiwan Egg Pancake and Toast Sandwich respectively.
They do have a corner for those ‘book-worm’ to read while waiting for the food to be served.

Waiting time wasn’t that long, it was pretty fast… and we could enjoy some magazines too.
Hubby ordered the toast sandwich and it wasn’t anything new.

And my order was Taiwan Egg Pancake that filled with ham, vegetables and egg. The outer layer was made from rice batter. Taste wise, honestly, I wasn’t that keen on, perhaps the rice batter wasn’t that smooth like ordinary pancake.
Oh ya, we both ordered soya bean and white coffee, guess how they serve on the soya bean? Yup, with a bowl. It taste like burning.

No doubt the review isn’t that up to expectation, probably this place is too new… therefore, it takes couple of times to cook to perfect.
If you would like to find out this place, this shop is located along Carnavon Street, same row as CA Lim Property Management office. So, you wouldn’t miss it.


the pancake idea looks interesting..wonder if i can find this in kl..
Hi Joe, if you can't find it in KL, then have one of your own then!!
Jackson said…
wa....i tried pancake in taiwan but doesnt look like that wor.... hehe
Hi Jackson, I think this is imitate one!! hahahaha
Christina Kim said…
Hi there!
I have seen this place a couple of times and wondering whether to try or I am rather picky with food:p
Thanks for the review and the comments..hehe,I guess I should probably take some time before I try it out:)

If you like Taiwanese food, I can recommend other places;)
Hi Christy, thks for dropping by. Hope to see you more often.

Do recommend good Taiwanese food in town, in fact, I hardly see any in town.
Anonymous said…
100% Taiwanese here, who lives in Taiwan right now. Sorry for the thread necro.
Taiwanese pancake (dan bing) is totally different from the ordinary pancake(the one with honey or maple syrup)cuz they dont add eggs into the outer layer/batter. There are mainly 2 kinds of the original outers in Taiwan. First kind is the one shown in this thread. Rare, cuz troublesome, but still, if the flour:water ratio is accurate, this kind of batter tastes really nice. 2nd type : Thinner, mostly ready-made by machines, and can be found everywhere in Taiwan.
You can add anything you want, like veggie, ham, bacon, tuna, dried shredded pork. An egg is a must, with some shallot, otherwise it wouldn't be a 'dan bing'.
We also have other outer layers besides the 2 original flavors. Such as he fen outer(the uncut piece), with Chinese yam, wholemeal batter, red yeast batter, etc.
And btw, it's pretty common that the soya bean is served in a bowl, and we have the 'salty' soya bean ( Tastes really nice!
There are a lot more different types of Taiwanese breakfast. Just google them :)

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