Chicago Rib House

How would you react when your husband keeps nagging you that he wants to eat something and you think that’s not the right time, as you’ve cook dinner?

Oh boy, hubby has been nagging me on this Chicago Rib House and it’s a new eatery outlet in Auto City, Juru. Happened that it has been raining for the past 3 days, and I didn’t get to cook, so to please my ATM, I’ll better say yes to him.
Ok, we have Tony Romas in KL and Singapore now we have Chicago Rib House in mainland!! Am sure Chicago Rib House is equally good as Tony Romas. For those ribs’ lovers you’ll have another place to dine…

Honestly, I have no idea how long will this place last, before this Chicago Rib House, this outlet was a fine dining restaurant, guess the outlet was too secluded, and not many people noticed, it closes few years after it opened for business. I really hope this would last long.
As you know rainy days normally no one could eat a lot, so, we only ordered 4 dishes and shared among the family. We ordered their signature dish, BBQ Pork Ribs Original and BBQ Pork Ribs Hot & Spicy, another combo set brother ordered and dad & mom thought of getting BBQ Chicken Pizza.

2-D effect...

Now that the old folks worried not enough food, they ordered 2 bowls of potato soup. I have not tried that before, but when it was served, the soup looks very creamy and has lots of chicken meat in it.
While we were waiting for food, I was busy shooting around…. I like those signboard, it does looks like overseas pub, bistro which catches ones eye. Those waiters and waitresses didn’t stop me from taking pictures, in fact, they made ways for me to take pictures…they must be proud of their Ribs House. Hahahahaha….

Hmmm, I guess they know that’s free advertisement, hor?

We actually ordered the original taste first and found out that it may not enough thus we ordered extra plate, but this round we went for the spicy taste. To our surprise, the spicy one is more delicious. As for the Combo set, it consists of BBQ Ribs, Fried Shrimps and 2 additional side orders ie mashed potato and coleslaw salad. Overall the food isn’t that bad, the only thing that isn’t satisfying was the food was not steaming hot enough when it was served. We did highlight to the waitress and hopefully she will convey the message to their chef.

Cranberry Lime Juice + Orange Juice

Vanila Shake

All in all, we spent RM233-10 including drinks. They should have given us an opening discount, on top of that, they informed us that their credit card machine is temporary out of service and they only accept CASH.

So, this would be another place for hang out with friends and dine with family. To be more specific, this outlet is located behind Auto City McDonald & Secret Recipe.

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Address & Contact Number
Chicago Rib House
1688-G8 Jalan Perusahaan
Auto-City North-South Highway
Juru Interchange
13600 Prai
Tel: 04-501 3939
Fax: 04-501 3938


Anonymous said…
Aiyo, long time didn't pop over, so many reviews! Is it newly open? Cos I don't remember I saw it when I was there few months ago.
Jackson, why ah?? Let me call their CEO ah!! Honestly, their taste not too bad... of course, I've not try Tony Romas.

Jason, yes it's newly open. Only opened for a month or less than 2 months.
ai wei said…
this place looks good and their serving is pretty huge!!!
Anonymous said…
Environment good but Ribs a bit dry. Well, I would go second time thought :)
Anonymous said…
Wow I wish I could just get up and go to chicago right now! The food looks oh so deliciouso!