Edelweiss Café

Because of this name and Lilian blogged about it before, it caught my attention to go forward for further exploration. There’s a song on Edelweiss, and this song is actually The Sound of Music soundtrack. It was sung by a widower of the Trapp Family.
Anyway, let’s not talk about that Edelweiss but this Edelweiss Café. If you love antique stuff, regardless the building, furniture, iron, clock, tiffin, etc this is the right place for you. Or, if you are looking for some information on Penang Island, well, here is the place for you too.

Append below are some shots that I took from Edelweiss Café. While I was busy snapping, hubby was busy ordering food. He’s more glutton than me.In there you could see some greeneries and that really made everyone feels so environmental friendly.
When I was taking this shot, one of the guess with lots of grey hair was telling me, ‘Young lady, you should take this shot!’. I was wondering why, then, this uncle said, ‘Stand here, this is the right spot, and look up, … Yeah, this is the one of the best shot!’.
Ta da… ‘It ought to give a lesson to all the male on how to use a toilet’. That’s exactly what the uncle told me. Funny leh???It was a neither odd time for dinner nor tea time. So, hubby didn’t really order anything heavy. But he ordered this Benggali Toast. A cheese slide with some onions sprinkles on top and toast. Something nice and simple and filling too with a cup of coffee, This is one of the luxury tea time that we ever have.
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Address & Contact Number
Edelweiss Café
38 Armenian Street
10200 Penang
Tel: +604- 261 8935
Business Hours
Tuesday to Fridays
11.00am – 3.00pm
6.30pm – 10.00pm

Saturdays: 11.00am – 10.00pm
Sundays: 11.00am – 7pm
Closed on Mondays


Christina Kim said…
Oooo....I have seen this cafe several times too and it also caught my eye because of the name!!:D
I love those antiques, maybe I should go there for a visit real soon....should be fun for my photo collection!!:D
Hey there, if you love those antiques, I would strongly ask you to visit... You'll love the place.
Jackson said…
oohhh... what a beautiful antique cafe... i wish im ther now
Tummythoz said…
More like an antique furniture & knick-knacks than a food post. Some of those pieces do 'bring' me back to my grandma's home.
Oh wow, interesting cafe! Feels like snooping in someone's old house. :D Gosh, it has been more than 4 years since i've visited Penang. Far too long, need to make a trip soon.
Anonymous said…
My, my ! Very interested Cafe. Wish I could be in Penang blogging about this place. Someday I shall, someday I shall. It's such a beautiful place. Thanks for capturing the moment and sharing. I could now visualize it well .... such a nostalgic feel in that Cafe....
Anonymous said…
The colorful food canisters really caught my attention.
Jackson: Yes, indeed...

Tummythoz: Hahaha... hope you like this knick-knack post... Perhaps am not good in taking the pic, but indeed very nice interior.

HoneyStar: Oh yes, you should make a trip down to Penang just for food ONLY.

Timothy: I wish to read your post on this cafe soon!!!

Celine: The food are pretty good, with such nostagy atmosphere.
IronEaters said…
wow! this cafe is really nice, esp with the antique all around the shop, just bring back memories of my grandparents *somehow will link those antique stuff with older generations =)* very interesting place.i must tell my penang frens, if they don't know this place..
Hi Ironeaters, I believe your Penang friens will love this place if they like antique stuff.
Anonymous said…
Edelweiss! We just sang that at Karaoke last Saturday! Interesting, there's so much local antiques on display.
Jason, I believe the owner is an antique "fat siew yau". There are a lot more upstairs, according to his wife. She said it once, if they have the time, they will take their customer for a walk upstairs too..... :)
ai wei said…
first time visit your blog. i love this place. the antique look of the place is really interesting and lovely~ but then in penang ar...
hi ai wei, welcome to my blog. hope to see you more often... yes, this place is in penang... do make a trip up here, there are more places for you to visit and more food for you to eat too... if you love food. ;D
I love those antiques, and places

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