Penang New World Park

Many have blogged about New World Park at Burmah Road. Being Penang Food Blogger will not miss this too. But, what do you know about New Work Park? What’s the history before it turned to an eatery outlet, how it looks like?

Let’s start with the history before we move on to the outlets and food…

History was ...

Some say, it was built before the World War II, but I think it was after then, came the first amusement park in Penang bounded by Burmah Road and Hutton Lane. The park was managed by Runme Shaw before it changed its name to Shaw Brothers in the early sixties.

Well, during those old days where do people spent their leisure time. Beside going to the beach, another attraction was this New World Amusement park which had 2 cinemas, Lido an indoor closed-up cinema with ceiling fans, no air-conditioner then and Globe an open stage cinema. During the old days, one would patronize the cinema for sword fighting or martial art movie firmed by HongKong celebrities. There were also special show performed by famous artistes from local and abroad. Kids would enjoy the merry-go-round, spinning wheel chair and dodgem car. There were games stall to lure visitors to the park and some refreshment stall for cinema goers to bring food into while enjoying their movie.

Not forgetting the adult entertainment, there used to be striptease show, wrestling and other form of act. At times, you can see packed houses during special performances like striptease show, martial art acts. The once renowned striptease queen Rose Chan used to perform her daring snake wrestling acts together with wrestler King Kong. There were also Mr. Strongman Ali Ahmad better known as Mat Tarzan and boxer Felix boy performed their muscle flexing and boxing to the patrons.

The new world amusement park slowly lost its shine and closes down in the 70s. The unused building was once used by the Penang political party Gerakan to hold meetings until the government decided to convert it to restaurant and eatery shops.

It was well planned since Penang is a food haven, other states even foreigners would find these place a must visit for they have a variety of delicious ranging from local delights to chain food outlets.

The new chain food outlets is under renovation and is due to open in a week or two. These outlets would provide a different category of food lover besides enjoying some wine and relaxing to the rhythm of the music.
These outlets are not any stranger to anyone in Penang, outlets like Starbucks, Oldtown, Manhattan Fish Market, 600cc, Nyonya Café, etc.
The chain outlets are facing the Burmah Road, where else the food court are located behind those chain outlets. The famous Swatow Lane Ice Kacang is one of the tenant in New World Park. In here, you could find food like Wanton Mee, Penang Hokkien Mee, Koay Teow Th’ng, Char Koay Teow, Chee Cheong Fun (豬腸粉), Tom Yam Mee, Char Hor Fun, Hainanese Chicken Rice, Mee Goreng and etc. Apart from food, there’s a performance stage in the park itself, and a cyber café too. Look at those road sign, isn't it lovely? Say no more on New World Park, do drop by whenever you're in town or visit Penang.


Anonymous said…
Do you know who is the owner of New World Park?
Hi Celine, I am not too sure, the last I know was from Sugar King invested.... I may be wrong...
Hi Jackson, can... mo man tai, bo poon teh, so, when are you coming?
Lingzie said…
hi! thanks for the link!
great write up...i never knew the history of the place! (just know how to go there and eat nia...heehee...)
Hi Lingzie, thks for dropping by. Hope to see you more often. Thks for the compliment... the history? Hahaha... that shows that how old am I, huh?? [wink]