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It was a very unpleasant evening that I spent in Auto City today. I was not happy and was not satisfy with the respond that the waitress that gave me that they only accept credit cards only if the total bill is above RM30-00. Even so, there’s promotion on Citibank which you dine in this place, you’re entitle for 10% discount.

But to my surprise this is their outlet policy where they do not accept credit card below RM30. And my total bill was only RM29-33. What if I was being stubborn and nasty that I don’t want to pay cash? Are they supposed to accept the credit card and also give me a 10% discount?

That’s not the money matters me, but the principle of a consumer. They can’t even give me a proper answer why they can’t accept credit card even it’s Citibank promotion. In fact, one gave me an answer that you can present your Citibank card and they will waive 10% discount, if your total bill is below RM30, then you would have to pay cash. On the other hand, the other waitress said, even if you present your Citibank Card, they will not waive 10% discount cuz, it’s below RM30.

Well, I believe those of you that read this will find this completely unfair to a consumer point. I mean correct me if am wrong, doesn’t mean all bills that above RM30 that only allow to waive 10% if you pay by Citibank Credit Card? Do you find it fair? I personally don’t think that’s fair!!

Oh ya, this outlet that I went in Auto City, they are actually segregated an air-condition outlet and an open space with giant screen. When we stepped in, they stopped us and wonder are we coming with our family. I was puzzled for a moment and didn’t quite understand what were they trying to address. The waitress said, the air-cond area are meant for group customers or those with family and kids, the rest are advised to take a seat at the open space area.

At that point in time, I wasn’t happy with that, and of course, I didn’t bother to query further, after all, I was just company hubby for a dessert that’s all.

After we called for the bill, that was where and when the anger push up.

I shall not talk about it any further…

Sticky Chewy Choc
Gold Rush
Anyway, it was a hot weather and hubby kept telling me that the weather is hot and he would like to go for something cold, that’s where we ended up for ice cream. And a coffee lover like him will definitely order a coffee ice cream. He ordered a Gold Rush which is a coffee and a chocolate flavor. Where else I have a Sticky Chewy Choc which they claimed is their all time favorite.

Beside ice cream in Swensen’s, they also serve other food and beverages, eg. Pasta, baked rice, salads, sandwiches, etc.
They also have another outlet in Queensbay Mall, and it’s next to Sakae Sushi outlet. They also arrange birthday party, if needed in Auto City outlet. Do drop by any of this outlet whenever you feel like it.Here are the quick shots on their menu ... colourful and attractive.

Address & Contact Number
Swensen’s Café – Auto City
1821-G3 Jalan Perusahaan
Auto-City North-South Highway Juru Interchange
13600 Prai
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 604-502 2850
Fax: 604-502 2821

Swensen’s Café – Queensbay
2F-50 Queensbay Mall
100 Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 604-6466 593


Coketai said…
Juru Auto City food eateries look like is the reknown food paradise in Prai area, back those year I only know about Chai Leng park and Taman Indrawasih! Prai have progress very fast!!!

Swensen's ice cream!! If I remember correctly, Penang have one outlet in Batu Fringgi area and now they make it big in Queenbay and Prai...must give a try next time!!!

Anonymous said…
The unpleasant atmosphere definitely affected your mood to enjoy the dessert, right?
wmw said…
We have a Swensen's in SS2, my neighbourhood...(don't hit me!). Come to KL lah...
~Christine~Leng said…
so sorry for your incident :( these kind of problems just happens sometimes and most of the times... customers are not satisfied with their needs finally. What to do? sigh.... I've never tried Swensen's ice cream! gosh... U reminded me of it! thx :)
Cynthia said…
Well it's a good thing that I'm not a dessert lover. I don't like that sort of customer service.
ai wei said…
ewww... how can they set up this kind of policy?! can't we consumers choose where we want to?!
swensen's ice cream is nice one. but this kind of incident definately will ruin the mood. iks. anyway, one of the swensen's cafe near my house already closed down. sob, cant get to visit~
ling239 said…
wonder who sets the guidelines...
totally annoying ~ =.="
Sweet Jasmine said…
It is one of their tricks to make the custormer spend more...but they should state it more clearly in print...i will try out swensen ice-cream one day..
Anonymous said…
So much of troublesome rules... the credit card issue, ok la but how come they can't allow customers to sit inside? Mau jimat air cond?
Hi Coketai, yes, you are right, they used to have one Swensen outlet in Batu Feringghi, to be specific it was in Mount Pleasure. But, it had closed down for many years. It was a boom in early 90s.

Hi Celine, yes, exactly, it really affect my mood that night.

Hi WMW, go to KL??? You mean migrate to KL???

Hi Christine, yes, this happens all the time, if we do not make it point, this will definitely go on... and I believe chain letter can make a stop on that.

Hi Cynthia, with such customer service, I wonder how would they attract tourist??

Hi AiWei, don't really like Swensen. Reason for going there, because of hot weather... Am a Haagen Daaz fan~la!! :D

Hi Ling239, yes!!!! 100% annoying... I can tell you that the rules were set by the owner, NationGate's founder!! Cuz, Swensens in Auto City & Queensbay are managed by them. Yet, they still do not know what's a CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

Hi Sweet Jasmine, it wasn't stated clearly!!! Even so it is, but, the casher was in the aircond area, and we were not allow to go it. Unlike other outlet that we went, they will give us a head up first.

Hi Jason, the aircond area was full... and they only allow those with family to dine in.... if you come in pair, sorry la mat, duduk outside. :(
Anonymous said…
Pay service tax somemore treat customers like that. Aiyoyo. I think I would not visit Swensen's, prefer Baskin Robbins or NZ Naturel. Hehe
Precious Pea said…
Very long time never visit Swensen oledi...i find them overshadowed by Baskin & Robbins and Haagan Daaz.
Big Boys Oven said…
Hiya, just drop by to say...helloo! :) Hope to see more northern food here. Will be back!
Hi Durianberry, ya lor.. pay tax some more treat customer like that...

Hi Pea, honestly compared to Haagen Daaz, Swensen is one of the cheaper ice cream. Of course, over shadow la!!

Hi BBO, thks for dropping by... hope to see you more often!!! :D
Anonymous said…
I totally agree with you, on the principle part of this. It's not the money. And I really dislike it when there are hidden terms/conditions in such promotions. If I were Swensen's, I would have gone that extra mile for customers like you since you were just cents away from being "eligible" for the promo. That makes sense. Of course, I know that retailers have to abide the terms set by the card merchants...so they just had to be professional and exercise case-by-case basis about it. Actually, this has just shown non-professional customer service.

Hope the ice-cream made you not-so-sore about this unhappy event. :)

BTW, thks for visiting my blog.
Jackson said…
ooohhh...their ice-cream is to die for...
Hi Tigerfish, thks for dropping, hope to see you again. Well, if am not mistaken, merchant has never set such rules on retailer. And even on the 2% administration charges, it's the retailer that didn't want to pay for it and set aside such rules on consumers.

Hi Jackson, ... really to die for? You mean Swensen's ice cream??

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