She tagged me!!! 5 of 5

In my previous post, I said I won’t be blogging this long holiday, however, because Yum Yum Cuisine, I have decided to post one. Why?? Hehehhee… because I was tagged lor!!

5 things found in my room
1. My wedding photo
2. My kingsize bed
3. My dressing table
4. My ceiling height wardrobe
5. My study desk

5 things I’ve always wanted to do
1. Lavish shopping
2. Luxury vacation
3. Not working but have money to spend
4. Having lots of lots of good food
5. Get preggy!

5 things found in my bag
1. Purse
2. Tissue
3. Writing pad
4. Lip stick case
5. Handphone

5 things found in my wallet
1. Money
2. ATM Cards
3. Credit Cards
4. IC & Driving License
5. Bonuslink Card

5 things I’m currently into
1. Blogging
2. Thinking
3. Talking to hubby
4. Watching Astro
5. Drinking water

Ahuh!!!! 5 floggers that am going to tag are …..
1. WMW
2. TummyThoz
3. Precious Pea
4. Living in Food Heaven
5. Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong!!


wmw said…
You have been tagged by me.... Please check my blog. I know I still owe you one.