Manila Place, Gurney Plaza

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Christy had blogged about Manila Place in Gurney Plaza and also had given good comment about it.
Joe had asked what is our favourite breakfast, I guess I had briefly dropped a few lines saying that I do like American Breakfast.
Where do we get cheap and good American Breakfast in Penang?? Well, Manila Place is the place that you should pay a visit. They have variance choices of breakfast, and also made to order breakfast, and the price nothing more than RM20-00, that comprises of eggs, sausages, orange juice, free flow of coffee or tea, salad, corn flakes with milk, etc.

We were there one of the weekends, and this place is cozy and comfortable, you can sit whole morning there and enjoy your coffee, no one would disturb you. Oh yes, it’s free WiFi also, so, you could see people coming in with PDA, with notebook and surf.

When I was there, I saw a couple as well … I believe one of them is a blogger, cuz, they were busy taking pictures like I did. [grin]

The other table and myself were like busy taking pictures whenever they serve us, whether it’s cornflakes with milk, or the main set. Taking pictures more than enjoying my breakfast! [LOL]

If you’re looking for good and cheap American Breakfast, this would be the place for you. Especially weekends, I see parents bringing their kids for breakfast, at times I see friends get together for breakfast… that’s something sweet, isn’t it?
Oh ya, apart from good breakfast set, they also have set lunch and set dinner as well…. Price wise reasonable and food are good as well. Here is the address and contact number if you wish you dine there.

Address & Contact Number
Manila Place
170-G-43 Gurney Plaza
10250 Penang
Tel: 604-226 2005


Anonymous said…
American breakfast is my favorite too...hahaha
Lingzie said…
this is my family's usual friday nite dinner place! heehee...go until i scared already!! but have not tried their breakfast before... i like their fresh juices.
ai wei said…
ahh... wat a hearty and healthy breakfast u had. i'd enjoy photo taking during meals too. hehe
wmw said…
That's really a hearty breakfast! Hey, thanks for your support with the reminder! :o)
haha did i talk about fav breakfast? well a breakfast review is coming up..i hope haha
Coketai said…
I love the breakfeast but for me that only back to Penang once or twice in a year, my breakfeast will definitely be : Hokkien Mee, Wan toon mee, Char keoy teow etc.

I will try this outlet after I "sapu" all the above items, ha! ha!

I'm not a big breakfast person, but that does look like it might be enough to get me out of bed :)
ling239 said…
i love western breakfast too ~
but prefer scrambled egg... ^_^
Anonymous said…
I like sausages and eggs. =) Manila Place is one of the I have not visited restaurant in Gurney. Hehe, will tried it sometimes with some friends since my parents are not into western food.
Hi Celine, me too!!!!

Hi Lingzie, is it??? It used to be my weekend b'fast place lor... only now that I hv to find new places that's all....

Hi Ivy, I bet every food bloggers do that....

Hi WMW, moh hak hei!! Just courier food to me to pay back the support. hahahahhahaa....

Hi Joe, so when will you be posting that??
Hi Coketai, if I were you, I'll do the same as well.

Hi Kelly, isn't good to get you out from the bed?? hehehehe [wink]

Hi Ling239, scramble egg is too filling for me leh....

Hi Nicholas, this is a good place for gathering!!!
Sugar Bean said…
Seems like a really good place for breakfast. The cereal looks so healthy! And the food look so neat and well-presented!
Anonymous said…
Yummy hearty breakfast! I take photo of every dine-out meal too.. lol
Christina Kim said… kid also had good comments about this place!!:D
The American breakfast looks nice and I am with you on their prices! Reasonable and definitely a great place to hang out (relaxing environment);)
Hi Sugarbean, yup.... and the amount of cereal that they offer is reasonable also.

Hi Durianberry, me too.... :D

Hi Christy, hehehe... I actually know the tau geh soh. She didn't know I blogged about her place.... :D
Precious Pea said…
Lovely breakfast!!! much nice eating places in Penang. Must really make a trip there and stay for a week or two.
Hi Precious Pea, oh yes.... unlike the last trip was so rush, right?
jlshyang said…
I use to work part time in Manila's. A lot have changed since then but the food only got better. The portion is quite big also.

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