Tari Café, Tanjong Tokong

Since am not familiar with this Café's history, hubby volunteer to drop a few lines particularly for this post.

He says, Tari Café once was a small little burger stall selling burgers along the Penang famous Gurney Drive seafront. The burger stall attracted visitors walking pass with their dancing act of flying the burgers and receiving it on the toasted bread and squeezing the sauce and ingredients with style and skills. Because of its demo, people would patronized and order their burgers while watching the little act. It is also notably of it good taste with the burgers grilled to perfection.

The Penang government was very concern of the cleanliness of the Gurney Drive as these hawkers left over a substantial amount of rubbish to be clean up each day and these has prompted the government to find a more suitable place for them to do business.

Eventually, a new place opposite the seafront was setup to house all the hawkers and to maintain the cleanliness of the Gurney Drive seafront.

From then onwards, Tari Café was moved to an old Malay house at the crossroad junction of Tanjung Tokong somewhere in 1988. In front of the Tari Café was a motor cycle repair garage owned by Kim Chye. After a short one year period, this motor cycle garage was relocated to make way for Tari Café to expand it business from burger to mee jawa, and western food.
The place was packed with people especially the “night owls” who frequent the place after their night out in discos and clubbing. One can notably noticed the road leading into the Tanjung Tokong kampong packed with cars at night and especially over weekends. Because of its crossroad junction and the dangerous spot, it was requested to move to a more secured place.
Tari Café eventually relocated to a new place outside Leisure Bay Condominium. There are now a variety of menu to choose from, beside the burger and mee udang. You can see family members patronizing the place for their dinner and supper. I forgot to state here is, it only open from dinner time onwards till the wee hours. One can also enjoy WiFi surfing while enjoying a cup of Café Latte or a Mocha.

So, what did we order then… of course, their famous burger and mee udang. As you could see the bowl of mee udang is really huge and with the noodles that they served for their guest.

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Address & Contact Number
477 Tanjong Tokong
10470 Penang
Tel: 04-890 9005
Fax: 04-890 9005


Anonymous said…
Wow! I have been patronizing Tari Cafe during my nights out with friends after our disco session in the old days. Now, it is equiped with Wifi for those who bring their notebook for web surfing. I like the burgers, french fries and the mee udang. Can't resist the temptation, gotta go once more
Anonymous said…
Just curious about the Singapore dish on the menu. What is it?
Anonymous said…
Oh my god ! Thanks for sharing, I have been heard people talking about a burger stall very famous at TG TOKONG but I don't know which one. That day drove pass Tari Cafe, and dad and mom were talking about the Cafe. I'll ask them to bring me there for burger next time. I love ramly's burger!
ling239 said…
wow.... i want the udang !! they are huge ~ ^_^
hi anonymous, with WiFi equiped to attract more customers.

hi tigerfish, oh... i didn't notice that... :(

hi nicholas, after visiting, do share with us wor....

hi ling239, ya ... huge udang!!! :D
Anonymous said…
Mee Udang looks delicious, would like to drop by this place.
Hi Celine, so readers will be expecting a post from on this mee udang then?? :)
Lingzie said…
i've been going to tari cafe since it was the lil stall at tanjong tokong! and now they've expanded to such a big place. very good burgers! :)
Hi Lingzie, do you think their bugger is a bit high price?
Anonymous said…
hi there....actually i search for a good place near batu feringgi where i can go dinner with my fren. One of them suggested to go Tari Cafe. Eventually, i went to this blog and wow!! u did explain about the Tari Cafe very well. So, i decided ad, Tari Cafe is the 1 i choose. Thx to u!!
Anonymous said…

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