They represent us - the FOOD BLOGGERS!!

As a food blogger, I would like to help our REPRESENTATIVE to spread a word on this ….

I would like to take this opportunity to call every one to vote for Jackson, Teckie, Precious Pea & WMW – The Fantastic Four!!!

They participated the Drive For Food Contest that organized by The Star and they came all the way from KL to Penang. Shouldn’t we Penang Food Bloggers give them a helping hand by voting them??

How to vote? That’s simple, just click and vote. [LOL]
The condition is you have to choose 3 videos for voting.
However, there are 2 videos that needed we, the food bloggers to support, and they are Fantastic Four & Apple Crumble Team.

So, why wait… let’s vote… and the URL is ….


您們不同意嗎?就讓咱們來投他們神聖一票吧! 就投一票在此吧

您們的一票會帶來許多部落客的認同. 來吧, 來吧, 來吧, 來投他們神聖一票吧!!!


wmw said…
Thanks for the support...Apple Crumble Team and Fantastic Four thank you from the bottom of our hearts :o)
~Christine~Leng said…
wow.. you rock! helping to promote. Very good!
ai wei said…
good luck to apple crumble n fanstatic 4! ^^
Hi WMW, don't mention. That's the least I can do. And that's what food bloggers are for!! hahahaha... Good luck!!

Hi Christine, me rock?? hahahha.. no leh... just lend a helping hand... right??? Dont make me pai seh lah!!

Hi Ai Wei, ya... you're right!! Good luck to Fantastic Four & Apple Crumble!!

Hi Sugarbean, thk u for voting!!!
Precious Pea said…
So touched. Thank you so much for supporting us.