Can you guess where is this place?

Hi everyone,
After a short vacation, I feel recharge now, yet, I have not settle the pictures that I've taken during this period.

Well, can you guys tell me where is this place?? This is like a fantasy island, a paradise to many people.

It was my first time to this place, and immediately I fell in love with it.... :)

Am sure you will love the environment, the surrounding of this place.... I bet you do .... !!!


Patrick said…
Pangkor Laut Resort?
wmw said…
Eh....I guess the same as Patrick!
Nick Chan said…
East coast? Sabah ?
Hi Patrick, thks for dropping by, hope to see you more often.

Hi WMW, Joe & Patrick... wild guess or you guys were thinking Pangkor Laut Resort?? :)

Hi Nick & Daphne, ... well, I gotta admit that WMW, Joe & Patrick got it right!!!! :D
Anonymous said…
I love beach but I always wanna prevent the hot sun.

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