Chapman's Bar, Pangkor Laut Resort

When the resort van transports us to the other side of the island after our Spa treatment, my jaw dropped off cuz, I’ve not seen such a beautiful bay before, at least in Malaysia. The colors of the water are clear and clean, it’s like an emerald jade.
Can’t blame me for falling in love with this island… indeed is a paradise island to me. I know there are many more of such islands in the world, but at least for one island in Malaysia that made us proud. Don’t you think so?? Even the late Luciano Pavarotti also fell in love with this island.

After Spa, both of us were equally hungry, and I was told Chapman’s Bar is one of the better places for lunch in this island. This place only opens for lunch from 12pm to 5pm. You will see lots of people lying down on the beach chair and rest either read books or for a swim.
I actually got to know from the internet that this bar is named after the famous British Colonel, Freddy Spencer Chapman who spent 36 hours on Pangkor Laut during his escape from Emerald bay in 1945, during the World War II.
When we were there, the place is like another heaven, I see lots of coconut trees, green grass, white sands; I was having my lunch in Chapman’s Bar, and my background is another beautiful natural reserved.Ok, back to food. It was pretty late when we were there. So, the waitress told us they have sold out the Fisherman’s Catch for the day, however, they suggested Hainanese Chicken Rice. Hubby was too hungry and didn’t want to think too much, so he opted for this, where as I go for Penang Char Koay Teow.

When they serve the food, I could see hubby will enjoy his lunch, cuz; it was nicely presented and taste wise also pretty good.
As for my Penang CKT, to my surprise it was so good. Servings are big for my consumption. Well, I still finish it… [LOL]

No wonder there are many reviews that given this place a thumbs up, they say Chapman’s Bar offers excellent light lunches each day consisting of sandwiches, salads, traditional satay and tasty seafood dishes. A variety of beverages are also served throughout the day.

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If you were me, will you re-visit this island??

/… to be continued


daphne said…
i would! Just reading about it makes me wants to be there. Spa + nature + good food + good company!
Christina Kim said…
I have been there, but I was a little bored initially:p
Seems like your trip rocks!! Lucky you:D
ai wei said…
wow! what a relaxing re-treat!
Big Boys Oven said…
Wow! What a beautiful place! lovely
Celine said…
Hmm...I want for such holiday too...
erinalaw said…
This is a great place for holiday. I have been there so I can understand wat you say. I got myself hill villa too. Shiok rite? Did you get the open bathtub also? Shiok or not? This is indeed a great place for relaxing. Pangkor Laut Resort - 1 Island 1 Resort! Good food, good place, good environment and everything seems to be so nice there.
Sugar Bean said…
Of course I would revisit this place if I were you! That's really like heaven!

Anyway, Merry Christmas!!
Cynthia said…
Yes I would :)

Happy holidays!!!
Rasa Malaysia said…
I love Pangkor Laut too, and Emerald Bay is pretty, but have you been to Redang? The bay where Berjaya Beach Resort located is 10x nicer than Emerald least that was what I thought when I went to Redang immediately after Pangkor Laut. You should go, too. :)
wmw said…
You back in Penang already? Happy Holidays!
Jason said…
Of course I would!
Hi Daphne, so, when are you going?? When will I seeing you posting?? :)

Hi Christy, oh yes!! It rocks!!! Don't you feel it??

Hi Ivy, oh yes... no doubt about it.

Hi Adam, thks for dropping by. And thks for the info.

Hi BBO, long time no see.... yes, lovely place.

Hi Celine, am sure you can have such holiday, right? Just plan and move on... you could have it!

Hi Erina, good to see you here again. Open bathtub??? Errr.... No leh... only 2 windows that's what we call it open bathtub??

Hi Sugarbean, ya, everyone does...
Merry Christmas to you too! (hehehe a bit late, hor)

Hi Cynthia, happy holiday :)

Hi Rasa M'sia, nope hv not been to Redang.... distance is the reason that stop me from going... too far la...

Hi WMW, ya ya ya... happy holiday to you too!!

Hi Jason, wow... long time no see wor...