Feast Village, Pangkor Laut Resort

I promise this would be my final post on Pangkor Laut Resort….
And I know I’ve not had the time to visit other blogs like WMW, Jackson, Joe, Precious Pea, Tummy Thoz, Jason, etc. I was busy before that, then, was on holiday mood, and wasn’t focus on blogging. I know I have to claim an award from Sweet Jasmine too… Oh gosh, I have a lot to catch up, don’t I?

When you’re in holiday mood, you’ll tend to get up early, well for at least I did that. I just want to get up as early as possible to enjoy whatever I’ve missed; including having luxury breakfast in this island.

A slow walk from my villa to Feast Village was a pleasant experience, cuz, I get to feel the see breeze, hear the sea waves hits the shore, and birds tweeting too. Though the wind blew to my face was cold, but, it gives you a boost that you should be wake up right now and have your breakfast.
Didn’t really have much on the day, probably am sad that am leaving soon. Just had few slices of bread, yogurt, fresh fruit juices and others.
Hubby is always go for his favorite corn flakes with low fat milk, and followed by a sunny side up egg with bread.
I walked around and found they have crepe with banana. Am not a crepe fan, but am talking to myself, why not give it a try. It wasn’t that bad, but it’s slightly sweet to my liking.
After that, hubby was going for Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun & the Japanese Fried Noodle.

When we have our breakfast at Feast Village, I also noticed lots of visitors are busy taking pictures of their open kitchen. They also take pictures of their food, the surrounding, basically everything in the island….

Well, what could I ask for more from this island?? Nothing but enjoy, right??

Hubby and I have decided, we’ll come back again... will sure come back again!


Anonymous said…
wah...lot delicious food thr...will consider my next vacation destination...
Hi squall, thks for dropping by my blog, hope to see your more often. Yup, do consider this place for vacation! ;)
24HrMom said…
New Kid on the blog, you're at my hometown!! And I have not been to this place for long! Seems like I must go and try. ;-)
yls1328 said…
Is Feast Village buffet? How uch per person?
yls1328 said…
How much per person for breakfast or dinner in Feast Village?