Feast Village, Pangkor Laut Resort

It was a good night sleep after a day of traveling from north to south and walking around on the Paradize island.

You see I can tell I am pretty enjoyed this holiday, I ain’t a morning person, and it takes time for me to get up early. To get up early is like killing me. But, to my surprise, I woke up early these couple of days ...maybe due to the wonderful island. It was unbelievable to me.

The hotel personnel briefed us upon our arrival yesterday, where should we have our breakfast and what do they serve for breakfast. When we walked in to Feast Village, staff in the Feast Village, will greet their guests. I feel delighted and honoured to their warm greetings, and touched by their hospitality.

First, they will briefly guide us thru the kitchen what they have, for example if you want to go for Japanese breakfast, there’s a special kitchen only for Japanese breakfast, follow by Chinese, Local breakfast like our Nasi Lemak, Indian breakfast consists of North India, South India, English breakfast which you can’t miss out cornflakes, milk, bread and butter, omelet egg, sunny side up egg, sausages, and so on.

I got myself a bread and ostrich sausage for a start, follow by a glass of fruit juice that hubby got it for me.
Then after, I went for Japanese fried rice which was that morning breakfast.

When I was having my Japanese fried rice, saw hubby went to the Chinese kitchen and got himself a steam lotus leaf rice and a deep fried bean curd skin. The steam lotus leaf rice was nice, tiny and delicate. Not for the deep fried bean curd skin, it was too oily for me.

Didn’t really eat a lot, cuz, we both were looking for our spa session which has been scheduled at 9am that morning . The last from the counter was this small little bottle that full of berries, which I don’t know what berries are those. It was too sweet for my liking.

Before we end our breakfast, a cup of espresso and a cup of cappuccino that give us the boost of energy for the day. Hmmm......off we go for our SPA session located at the SPA village, walking down the wooden planks errected along the Sea Villa.


yammylicious said…
so jealous about u hv a wonderful holiday! =( i wan holiday too.. *charm charm*.. boss giv mii holiday~
Celine said…
Quite a lot of variety for the breakfast, ya...so how's your spa session?
daphne said…
oo... what interesting kitchens they have there! and spa session.. what a relaxing treat!
Sweet Jasmine said…
wah...good food plus spa session...tsk..tsk..i can only dreamm...but i will be going to Damar Laut resort this new year eve...
ai wei said…
spa spa spa!!! must be a relaxing one!
Sugar Bean said…
Wow, that was really a good dinner for the start of a day! I really like this resort!
Jason said…
Ostrich sausage!? *mata terbeliak*
That sounds like an exotic food :P
Glad you enjoy yourself in Pangkor :)
~Christine~Leng said…
wow.. spa! that's something i really wanna try!
Rasa Malaysia said…
Is Samudra still open for business? I had the best nasi lemak in my whole life there (cost RM90 with 10-12 little side dishes)...absolutely delicious!
Hi Yammylicious, hehehehe... dont jealous la...

Hi Celine, my Spa session was excellent!!!

Hi Daphen, oh yes!! No doubt about it.

Hi Sweet Jasmine, do share with us your Damar Laut holiday.

Hi Ivy, oh yes!! A relaxing one!!!

Hi Sugarbean... :)

Hi Jason, since I hv not tried Ostrich sausage before, so, was adventure to try one. hehehehehe...

Hi Christine, you wld surprise to hear, this is my first time too... [blush]

Hi Rasa M'sia, nope... I think they hv change that to Feast Village or Royal Bay Beach Club. I didn't come across that Samudra.

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