Thank you for being my friend award

It was a pleasant surprise when Sweet Jasmine asked me to claim this award from her. When surf thru her blog I didn’t realize she pass this lovely award to me. I was touched as it’s not easy to find any truthful friends nowadays, especially in this cyber world.
Once again, I thank you for this award, and I would like to give award back to Sweet Jasmine and to my new friends as below –

1. 24HrMom
2. WMW
3. Celine’s Blog
4. Tummy Thoughts
5. Precious Pea

This round will give it to the girls, next round shall give it to the guys floggers…. :D


24HrMom said…
Thank you so much for the award.. Thank you for being my 1st blogger friend. ;-)
wmw said…
Hey, just stumbled onto this post now! How sweet, thanks for the award!
Hi WMW, thks for the friendship too. :) Hope to meet up with you one of these days.

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