Uncle Lim's Kitchen, Pangkor Laut Resort

It was not really a good one on my 2nd day of dinner.
Was told Uncle Lim’s Kitchen is one of the best in the island, it serves authentic Hock Chew cuisine and Nyonya cuisine. I was hoping to have authentic Hock Chew food for that night, but they served Nyonya food instead. Perhaps that’s the disadvantage of signing up for a package.

Honestly, the food serving was rather slow on that night, not too sure was it because of lots of people dining in or lack of helpers. Food serving wasn’t that big portion, you can see that from these pictures…
They served us a bowl of dried vegetable boiled soup as a starter. I believe it’s been boiled for many hours, the soup was delicious…. Just like Cantonese soup.
Then followed by a Chicken Lobak as a appetizer. The lobak is kind of dried to me, was it they deep fried it for too long?

In between Chicken Lobak and the main dishes, we waited for nearly 25 minutes. Thank goodness we both weren’t hungry for that point in time, but, it wasn’t reasonable for customers to wait for that long.

Main dishes are Fresh Praws and Brocolli, and Chicken Rendang. Since we don’t eat Beef, we actually requested the kitchen to replace Chicken for us.
The Chicken Rendang was very lemak, and am sure they add lots of coconut milk on it.
As for the stir fry broccoli, the prawns are fresh and tender.

Of course, with these dishes, they served us with 2 bowl of steam rice to accommodate with.

The last is the assorted fruits, nothing much, all are local fruits, ie. papaya, pineapple, watermelon, honeydew, etc.

This meal doesn’t end with my holiday in Pangkor Laut, … so, please stay tune.

/… to be continued


Jason said…
OMG... I do hope that you tried the local dai chao stalls!
Celine said…
Looks like the food so so only?!
yammylicious said…
chicken lobak.. yamm yamm..
Jackson said…
waa...nice restaurant!
Hi Jason, there's no dai chao in the island. I think you were referring to Pangkor Island.

Hi Celine, yup, you're right. The food so so for that night.

Hi Yammylicious, I guess I still prefer the authentic Nyonya Pork Lobak. That one really yamm yamm... :)

Hi Jackson, no doubt about it. The restaurant indeed very nice. You could hear bird tweeting and sea waves rushing to the shores. It was pleasant...

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