Dear readers,
I'll be away for vacation for these couple of days, thus, I will not be able to post any posts for the mean time.

But, I would wish you will visit this small little corner of mine after my vacation.
So, please stay tune for more updates after this break. :D


Coketai said…
It always nice to hear someone go for holiday although at this moment, it is a luxury thing for me ( about time!!) enjoy your holiday to the max, have fun!!!

Sugar Bean said…
Have a nice vacation! :)
Precious Pea said…
Have a nice trip! where??
Nick Chan said…
enjoy. remember to take more pics and share. pics of food . xD
Jason said…
Enjoy yourself :)
Cynthia said…
Happy Holidays and see you when you get back.
Lingzie said…
happy holidays!! looking forward to more yummy stuff when you get back!
ai wei said…
on vacation? where are u going?!

happy holiday and enjoy ur vacation!
Hi everyone....
Am back!!! Thks for dropping by and pls bear with me... I will post some of the food pics after I've settled down.

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