Sarkies Corner, E&O Hotel

This reminds me of I do have many posts that yet to blog.

Anyway, nobody will find this place strange, The Sarkies Corner of E&O Hotel. I remembered that day was 8th March, and yes, it’s an International Women’s Day, also Dato’ Seri Samy Vellu’s Birthday, of course, it’s also the 12th GE Day.

Remembered clearly that night we were there for a family dinner, while we were enjoying our food, hubby’s phone, BIL’s phone rang non-stop. I wonder were the man stood in for election or what?? Well, let’s move on with the food… it’s always delighted to see the buffet line with these food lining up for gluttons like us. You could see these fresh oysters, prawns, scallops, muscles, salmons, tuna, all assorted sashimi are so fresh and tempting to have them all.

Then, the salads line it out in a colourful way, with all sorts of salads’ cream.
As for the desserts line, do I need to say more?? For those have sweet tooth, no one could resists with these desserts. Oh ya, you should try their apple crumbles, it was delicious, and not to miss it!!
They also have a place where they do some kind of ‘tepanyaki’ way of seafood! The chefs will pan fried those marinated fishes, or lobsters. As for the beef and muttons, they will grill in front of their guests. You could see people lining up there for food without fail.

Apart from the indoor where you could choose to sit outside where you can feel the sea breeze. This is the place to dine if you’ve a group of friends that love to eat and enjoy. Don’t miss it!

Address & Contact Number
Eastern & Oriental Hotel
10 Lebuh Farquhar
10200 Penang
Tel : +(6) 04 222 2000
Fax : +(6) 04 261 6333
Email :
Website :

Business Hour
Operating hours are from 6.30 am - 11.00 pm (Daily)
Breakfast from 6.30 am - 10.30 am (Daily)
All-Day Dining from 10.30 am - 11.00 pm (Daily)


Anonymous said…
Wow, the food looks great! How is the buffet huh?

Also, do keep up the great job of posting yummy food places in Penang!

Avid reader
wmw said…
Came back from Egypt a couple of days ago and decided to drop by. Great to see your new post :o). Take care...
Christina Kim said…
Seafood buffet??
How much per pax?
Looks like lots of variety available....interesting!!~
Sweet Jasmine said…
Hi,..very nice much is it per pax.....?
Hi Anonymous, thk u for dropping by. Hope to see you more often. The buffet is good and reputable in E&O Hotel.

Hi WMW, thk u. I can't wait to see your holiday posts.

Hi Christy & Sweet Jasmine, not really a seafood buffet. The theme is actually Wine & Dine, RM86++ per pax. You could have free flow of wine, beer, fruit punch, etc.
Big Boys Oven said…
Gosh the food look so awesome, those the salmon is definitely my choice!
Anonymous said…
wow lot of freash seafood...and such a noce enviroment...
Little Inbox said…
new kid, did u take the sashimi? Coz, u were pregnant that time.
daphne said…
What a wide range of food in the buffet. Are those mussels?
ling239 said…
so much seafood !!
for awhile i tot u went for steamboat buffet :p
Hi BBO, you are right!! The variety of food is awesome!

Hi Alvin, ai ya, I bet KL anytime better than Penang la??

Hi Little Inbox, nope, I did not. I was taking all the cooked food. In fact I even for go the barbeque lobster and lamb too.

Hi Squall, ya ya ya.... wanna come?

Hi Daphne, yup, you're right. Those are mussels.

Hi Ling239, you were thinking seafood steamboat?? :)
Jason said…
Wah... I can practically sense your excitement! Such an impressive spread of buffet food.
J2Kfm said…
wow, look at all those food laid out for taking ...
oysters, salmon, mussels and scallops would do just fine ... ;)
food paradise ...
ai wei said…
i see lots of seafood!!! scallops n mussels...

Rm 86 with free flow of wine isn't that expansiv
Hi Jason, ya, I was.

Hi j2kfm, yup!! Would you like to give it a try?

Hi Ai Wei, you're right. It's a bit expensive...
Anonymous said…
ys! the buffet is really SEDIAP............~~~~~!!!!!
kEviN taN said…
yes! yes! YES!! the buffet food realy sEDiaP.....~~~~~!!!!!
Caryn said…
it look so delicious,How much per person? Need booking before go?
Hello Caryn, advisable to make booking ahead. As for the price, I heard it has increased, pls call E&O to confirm. :)