Ribs BarBQue Restaurant

Nobody would find this Ribs BBQ Restaurant that located in Burmah Road strange, and many have had blogged about it too.

Hubby and I were thinking what to have for dinner when we decided to eat out on one of the week day. I was thinking to dine in Ribs BarBQue Restaurant at that moment and was wondering should I tell hubby that. Reason for not letting him know is because that place is kind of pricey. Knowing him, he’ll definitely say yes to me, cuz, he will try his best for not letting his wife down.

This isn’t our first visit in fact; we had visited this place some time ago. I didn’t post it because that time never thought to be one of those blogger. Well, it isn’t too late to be one right now, isn’t it? *grin*

What’s famous obviously their barbeque ribs… regardless spare ribs, baby back ribs, or smoked ribs.

Of course, what’s attracts me to go back is their barbeque baby back ribs.

Without 2nd thought I got myself a barbeque baby back ribs, with sweet corns and garlic mashed potato as side dishes.

While hubby wanted to make his choice, the outlet manager was actually recommend smoked gammon ribs. Since we have not tried this before, so, hubby gave it a try.

Hubby can never ever give up garlic bread, where ever he sees garlic bread in the menu, he’ll sure get one for himself. And this costs about $8.00.

Our damage for that night costs us about $96.15, of which baby back ribs and gammon ribs are costs $34.80 respectively.

I find that the standard of the ribs was satisfying. And I know there are couple of comments that left in BM Kia’s blog weren’t that agreeable. I guess this is based on individual preference. Comparatively with Chicago Rib House in Auto City, I guess Ribs Barbque Restaurant stands a better review.
However, both visits to this place, still find that not many people are there. Was it because of the location or the price?

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BM Kia

Address & Contact Number
124-B Jalann Burmah
10050 Penang
Tel: +604-226 2523

Business Hour
12.00noon – 2.30pm
5pm – 1am


ling239 said…
the baby back ribs looks good...
wat abt the smoked gammon ribs ? looks so meaty... :p
CK Lam said…
Since yr husband is a garlic bread lover, I suggest you bring him to Ferringhi Garden Restaurant.
I had their tomato bread - and later saw that the garlic bread served in the next table was very nice.
J2Kfm said…
RM8!! *_*
the ribs looked delicious ...
I was just like you last time. Ate around Pg for 4 yrs while studying there, but not a single pic cz never thought of blogging ...wasted?
Anonymous said…
finally u went to this RIBs....

nice right?!!!!

haha... we had write about this as well.....


Restaurant: Ribs BBQ Restaurant
Little Inbox said…
Lately I have not eating out that frequent. Stick to my home cook meal since 3 months ago. So, not much chance to dine out. Will plan to dine out occasionally. I would love to try the baby back ribs, but have to find out its actual location cuz I dun know. Pai seh.
Hi Ling239, the smoked gammon ribs just so so only. Hubby thought of give it a try.

Hi cklam, Where is this place?? Any particular landmark??

Hi j2kfm, RM8 for the garlic bread. Yeah, wasted a lot of good pictures huh?

Hi PenangTuaPui, this is my 2nd visit.

Hi LittleInbox, me too... this is my 1st eating out after that incident. Still have a lot more of pictures lying in the draft folder.
minchow said…
Oooh the smoked gammon ribs look lethal!! Would you recommend that over the regular ribs? I'm trying that on my next visit!
Anonymous said…
Heck, someone even went there and complained about the menu being not looking nice enough (refer my posts' comments)

I was like, what?? You are there to eat to admire the prettiness of the menu oh? Some ppl just make me LOL

I am glad you liked it.. it is really better than Chicago Rib House
Anonymous said…
nothing we can do on ppl's comment, every one got their own tongue and of course their own opinion as well....

So... dun take too serious abt it... just take it as input....
Anonymous said…
ribs look delicious...must try when go back penang...
CK Lam said…
The location is found in my blog at
Go for the homemade garlic bread n tasty tomato bread.
Hi 550ml jar of faith, I would not recommend, if you particularly like spare ribs.

Hi vKeong, yes, it's absolutely

Hi Fei2, of course, of course... I just feel bad for BM Kia.

Hi Squall, yes yes yes... pls do.

Hi cklam, noted. read the post... the environment is so nice and pleasant.
Sweet Jasmine said…
I try this ribs joints sometime last year....but they were out of baby back ribs....which I heard is the best....anyway the rest of the ribs are nice and delicious...will be going back again....for baby ribs....
hi jackson, ai yo... talk no more, just drive up to penang la... only 3.5hrs.

hi sweet jasmine, you shouldn't miss the baby back ribs....
CRIZ LAI said…
Did you get your amount right? USD$ or RM? That's a scary amount for a meal... for Penangites of course.. haha :P So far, I have seen 50/50 comments on Ribs review. I wondered if it's really worth the amount paid for the food size given.
Hi Criz, of course is RM la!!!! USD for that kind of food.... oh my!! oh my!!