Breakfast at The Taste, Westin Langkawi

We both have had lots of luxury hotels & resorts buffet breakfast, and one that could really have us enjoying it, I would say is Mandarin Oriental Hotel in KLCC. Well, too bad at that point in time, I was over enjoying the food and totally forgot about taking pictures of it.

Well, this time, I’ve learned the mistake and here are the pictures that I’ve taken from my recent trip in Langkawi. Buffet breakfast is charged RM50++ per person in The Taste Restaurant.
A very nice environment, where you could enjoy your breakfast with over looking the sea and the 2 swimming pool, that’s one infinity pool and one baby pool.
Buffet line that will consist of all types of corn flakes and milk.

A line of fresh fruits.

A line of fresh yogurts.

A line of fresh fruit juices, waffle, pancakes, and also some smoothies, cheese corner.

A line of freshly bake breads, and some butter & jams.

A line of hot dishes like nasi lemak, porridge, egg corner, and so on.

I have never come a cross a corner where they serves cold meat for breakfast. Well, down here they do, and together with Japanese rice and noodles.

I always enjoy a bowl of corn flakes with lots of milk for a start. And, follow by others, egg omelette, pancake with assorted berries.

But this time, I have something really light for the day, cuz, planned to go for a Spa session. [wink]

Hubby will never miss some breads.

An egg, a chicken sausage and his favourite baked beans will be his second round.
And, of course his cup of coffee and chocolate milk to accommodate all these wonderful food.

A quiet environment for a healthy breakfast like this, it’s definitely a must for any holiday. Right?


J2Kfm said…
wah ...what a spread...the yoghurt looks funny in those jars, probably to keep them fresh?
I love a hearty breakfast at hotel. though most of them sucked, but there are a few, far and betweem that's memorable.
CK Lam said…
Glad you have such a great time in Langkawi. It's convenient to have breakfast in the need to hunt for food early in the morning :D
Par said…
Such a nice area to eat at.
minchow said…
Oh thank you for this glorious post! I am a buffet breakfast fanatic, this has really made my day!
Little Inbox said…
I really like the food served. Quite a lot of varieties. But both of you eat so little nia. What a waste, hehe. Oh BTW, I can't eat much too even though not preparing for Spa, haha...
Sugar Bean said…
Wow, this hotel looks really nice. It must have been a very pleasant stay! :) We went to Langkawi last year and stayed in Tanjung Sanctuary, we enjoyed our stay there! But the breakfast wasn't as good as Westin.
Big Boys Oven said…
this is an awesome place to dine wow!
Hi j2kfm, yes, you're right. The memorable one that we had was in Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Hi CK Lam, oh yes.... that will save lots of hussles.

Hi Kay, welcome. You should such a nice environment to eat at. :) Think I still prefer Pangkor Laut Resort's environment. Overlooking the Straits of Malacca.

Hi 550ml jar of faith, hahahahaa... that's nice to hear.

Hi Little Inbox, ever since the incident, am eating quite a fair bit. :(

Hi Sugar Bean, they are well known of their heavenly bed!!

Hi BBO, but I still find KL hotels more to go for wor?!
ling239 said…
so many choices for bfast.... so little time ~ :p
CRIZ LAI said…
Wow... that's a lot for breakfast. It looked more like having brunch than breakfast. :P Those fresh yogurts look great to be served that way. Did I see scones there as well? I love butter honey scones :)
Anonymous said…
wow such a wide-spread of varieties!!
Can't imagine it's only for breakfast. hahaha

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