Wonderland Food Store, Langkawi

After a long day out, we had a simple dinner out of the resort.

As I mentioned before, hubby is pretty well know about the routes and roads in Langkawi. Thus, finding food in Langkawi should not be any problem for him. We both supposed to have seafood dinner in Pantai Cenang, unfortunately I was on diet due to certain allergies that couple of days, ended up we had our dinner in Kuah town.

Though Kuah town is a small town, but I bet when you see those seafood restaurants surrounding the town, you will be cracking your head which one to go. And this is what we found, Wonderland Food Store. When we were there, honestly, it’s almost packed of people… and I could see Bumi customers there too. I wonder is this place halal, well, I supposed they are, huh?!
Told hubby I have no appetite for rice, why don’t we have something like fried noodles, thus we order this fried noodle & vermicelli.
A plate of vegetables, they called it Kai Lan (清炒芥蘭/Chinese Kale). But it doesn’t look like one.
And a plate of meat, they recommended their Black Pepper Chicken (黑胡椒雞) is one of the best. They also de-bone the chicken for us as well without us requesting it.
Overall, I like their noodles but not their recommended Black Pepper Chicken though they highly recommended. The food serving time is absolutely express and also lots of 'wok hei'. A good place to recommend to friends whom visiting Langkawi; but then, one thing that got to take note, they only operate for dinner.

Guess how much for the dinner that night? It’s only RM25-00. Cheap?

Oh ya, if you’re ever down there, do order their crabs and prawns as well as clams. Cuz, I see lots of customers ordered that, unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to have it.


CRIZ LAI said…
Wow.. I missed Langkawi now. How I wished I can have that Free and Easy vacations without worrying about coming back to work.. haha. Well, the food looked good and cheap too.
ling239 said…
why no seafood ? :p
Hi Criz, ya la!! Everyone wish to have such holiday. If you go to Pangkor Laut Resort, even the feeling of not coming back is stronger!! Can't think if am in Maldive... will be sure reluctant to come home.

Hi Ling239, because I was having skin allergies before I went for this holiday. What a coincident.
wmw said…
When I saw the title, I was expecting a post on a special food store, when you buy food ingredients...hahaha
Anonymous said…
Looks can be deceiving...'cause the black pepper chicken "looks" nice but instead....!!

Haha I always wished I could freeze the time when I'm on holiday elsewhere. It's just too nice!!
Hey WMW, that caught your attention, huh? :D

Hi Buzzingbee, well, you can have one, don't you???
Apple Foodees said…
My last visit to Langkawi is quite some years back. All I remember is that the local Malay food is superb. Other than that, I still prefer my hometown style ^^
Roger Goodchild said…
My wife & I stayed at the WESTIN resort for two weeksin April 2009. The food was very good especially the buffet breakfast.Sparkling Wine and Smoked Salmon most mornings! We had been invited to a Chinese/Malaysian wedding.After the first week we discovered WONDERLAND!!
We ate there every evening from there on and it was seafood every time, from soft crabs to a brilliantly presented spiney lobster under a net,expertly made from one carrot.