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I’ve been really busy at work, even Saturday also got to work too. However, am going to post something simple and short for this weekend.

One of mom’s best foods is her way of cooking baby octopus. This dish could actually get an order from her sisters from other states.

Though I am not really a fan of baby octopus, but honestly, with her style of cooking, this is really the best.

Many restaurants will have the baby octopus boiled or steamed. But mom’s version of cooking baby octopus is stir fried with chillies paste and curry leaves.

First she’ll stir fry the chillies paste till fragrant, and also the curry leaves. Then only add the baby octopus to the wok.
She said needless to stir fry for a long time, but till it’s cooked. This is best to eat with steam rice.


Home Cook Food ?
Lolx...i thought you hv visited some new restaurant =)
It looks very delicious to me...
Coketai said…
Nice food!! You see food can make people happy....I like food therefore I am happy so do you!!!

J2Kfm said…
yummy! I can imagine the springy texture and spiciness combination. make great snacks, aside from serving its purpose for a meal.
Anonymous said…
emm... baby octopus is my favourite food.. i like the steam type...

May I have the recipe?
ling239 said…
sambal baby sotong ? ^_^
Little Inbox said…
Your mom is a good cook ya. Long time not having octopus already...
Hi Jeromefo, hahahaha.... never come across any restaurant serve this dish in this way. NOrmally restaurant serves it in steam or boil.

Hi Coketai, sure do!

Hi j2kfm, wow, you have such a good imagination. :)

Hi PenangTuaPui, there it's already in the post. No particular measurement (you know old people way of cooking, la). But as long as you stir fry the chillies paste till fragrant then add the baby octopus in the wok lor. And fry again.

Hi Ling239, not really sambal. Mom never like sambal, she said sambal is kind of dirty.

Hi Little Inbox, ya ya ya... that's why all of us are above weight. :D
CRIZ LAI said…
Can I have another helping? :P I don't usually go for freshly cooked octopus as I find the texture to be too springy for me to bite through. (old man lar.. no teeth.. LOL)

But if you let me have those Japanese style of baby octopus stir fried on sweet thick gravy and topped with sesame seeds. I will gobble up dozens :P

gill gill said…
looks delicious! i just wonder where can i buy the raw baby octopus? its hard to find it in the local market...
Hi Criz, nah... you aint look old. Am sure you can have it.

Hi Gill, I supposed wet market could find it.

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