Hot Wok, Tanjong Tokong

** HOT WOK has closed down **

The other day, I passed by Tanjong Tokong and didn’t know Hot Wok have moved; only know they will be opened another one in Burmah Road. Thought that could be the branch, didn’t know they moved out from Tanjong Tokong.

In fact, the one in Tanjong Tokong is more spacious, and that can park many cars in that compound. After I noticed they have moved, I realized I have a post on them has yet to publish.

This post is kind of long enough, this was taken sometime in December last year where we do not know what to take for dinner, and we drove all the way to Tanjong Tokong for Nyonya food.

In fact, we ordered quite a lot of dishes the other day and I can’t recall how much we pay for it too.
We ordered a tom yam soup, of which I don’t understand why we order tom yam soup in a Nyonya restaurant. Anyway, it wasn’t that good; it was just ok to me. But yet, can’t tell what went wrong too.
They also recommended this dish to us; they will deep fried the fish and pour their special sauce on to the fish. First taste was ok to me and this is something different. But after a few bites, I think I prefer those authentic Curry Tumis.

When you’re into Nyonya restaurant, you wouldn’t want to miss their ‘Tau Yiu Bak’ (Dark Soya Sauce Meat). I believe this is their authentic dish.

We also have a Belanchan Fried Chicken in case their serving is small.

With all the meats, we have 2 plates of vegetables.

Stir fry bean sprouts with salted fish.

And, a mixed vegetables.

The dinner isn’t that appetizing to me, guess I prefer others Nyonya restaurant. I remember once I went to Mama Nyonya in Abu Sitee Lane, their food was excellent, unfortunately at that time I was yet a blogger. Well, it gives me a reason to visit them again, huh?

Oh yes, this place is famous of the antique items, like sewing machine, tiffin carrier, pictures, etc. It gives their customer a pleasant place to dine in. Yet, I have not explored how the new one looks like. I hope I’ll visit them soon.


CK Lam said…
I think the new outlet in Burma Road is more centralised as compared to the previous place and there are plently of car park lots too in Giant premises.
I have yet to try out the food in this new place.
Sweet Jasmine said…
I remember eating it Gurney Plaza when it first started its business there. The food was ok but a bit pricey. I think this is the 3 venue for them.
Hi CK, more centralized?? Don't quite understand. I know plenty car park lots at the Giant, but the former place is FOC. :)

Hi Sweet Jasmine, this is the 4th place they shift. Their very 1st place was next to Tepanyakki (the building that next to Island Plaza).
24HrMom said…
New kid: Thanks for always dropping by my blog. I hv lots of things to do both at work and at home. I am v. tired...
gill gill said…
i agree with you, Mamas is better then this Hot Wok. But have not visits the Mamas since 1 year+ ago, dunno still tasty as last time? :)
ling239 said…
is the Belanchan Fried Chicken good ? looks delicious ~ ^_^
Anonymous said…
ya the new one is same row with the RIBs...

will be there next weekend for our outing with friends...
minchow said…
Wow I wonder if they did a major overhaul when they moved to Burmah Rd. I had absolutely no complaints when I visited there recently but from your post, it looks like they had a bit of an identity crisis! Do give it another chance at their new outlet!
Little Inbox said…
Hmm...I always have similar type of food like asam prawns, tau yiu bak, spicy sour curry fish, but all are home cook...
Anonymous said…
nice enviroment...wan to try when go back penang~~
IronEaters said…
the decor looks nice.didnt know tau yiu bak originated from them.. =) love this dish!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, noticed that they have opened the new outlet at Burmah Rd. This is the forth time they have shifted. :P
J2Kfm said…
I remembered I saw this at Gurney sometime ago, right?

Hot Wok. upmarket price?
will take notice of Mama's at Abu Siti Lane. strangely, we never ate at any Nyonya restaurants when we were studying in pg.
Lee said…
Hi, used to bring my dates or business clients to Tanjong Tokong (infact mentioned it in my current posting) for dinner...that restaurant that juts out to sea on stilts.
Not sure its still there as last there in late 70's, ha ha.
Love the dishes you showed here. My mom was a Nonya lady and fortunately my wife who is not a Nonya let alone able to speak Malay learned from her Nonya friends and today her Nonya dishes are out of this world, ha ha. I married the right lady, Lee.
Babe_KL said…
i've been to this one when they were still at the shoplots nearby but dat was aeons ago haha

passed by here last month and suddenly saw it in a bungalow now.
Hi 24hrmom, hey, take it easy. Every mothers are like you many things to do at home and at work. You ought to take it easy.

Hi Gill Gill... it's been awhile didn't visit them, think I have to find time and pay them a visit.

Hi Ling239, errr... ok la.

Hi PenangTuaPui, have you posted the outting?

Hi 550ml jar of faith, errr... not now. Perhaps later.

Hi Little Inbox, :) good for you.

Hi Squall, so, when are you coming back then??

Hi Ironeaters, welcome back!! Long time no see.... not really from them, it's originated from Nyonyas.

Hi Andrew, welcome to my blog. Yup, you're right.

Hi J2Kfm, ya, sort off. They are kind of up market price.

Hi U.Lee, welcome to my other corner. Can you remember the name of the restaurant??

Hi Babe_KL, good to see you here. Do you plan to pay Penang another visit??
grex_r said…
Ok... after reading all the critics we had on the food. I would like to apologise for all the dining experienced dining in Hot Wok. We have prepared the food better than the before. So I'm looking forward for those people that have bad impression on us to give us a chance again. If you would like to dine with us,please sms or call me at 012-5357687 (Kelvyn) to make reservation & enjoy 10% off the bill on ala carte.

N 1 more thing those with reservation will receive complimentary dessert also.

So hope to hear from u guys soon.

New Kid On The Blog- Sorry for the bad dining experinced. Please give us another try.....

As the upmarket price is was the rental in Gurney Plaza was RM22k per month so we had to increase the price to cover our overhead but now we cut down the price on seafood & drinks. As people might be curious why we moved from Tanjung Tokong bcoz the owner wants to take back the bungalow n sell it at RM5mil.

Thanks for the feedback.
CRIZ LAI said…
Haha.. It seemed like Grex_r has been seeking some justice in their food review. I guessed we have give them another opportunity to prove that they are worthwhile for a revisit.

Price wise, I won't complain much as quality Nyonya food really required a lot of preparations. I do cook often and I find that Nyonya food preparations are rather taxing. Just a simple dish like the Jiu Hoo Char will take about half a day of finely cutting the vegetables into perfect balanced strips to get the best taste out of the dish.
Anonymous said…

Hot Wok has improved even the God of Cookery Hong Kong voted this is his best nyonya restaurant in Penang.