Island Red Café

I was very much indeed wanted to attend the 2nd Food Bloggers Gathering which was held in Edelweiss that organized by Lingzie, What2See and group. However, I was tied down with this important family dinner which I can’t run away.

It was an in-law gathering at Island Red Café, and in such gathering, being a daughter-in-law is good to be around but not to absent. Right?

Well, let’s cut the craps, this is a new eatery outlet located in Krystal Point premises, and it’s operates by a few enthusiastic and energetic young men not long ago. This place was formerly owned by TM Net, and it was vacant for couple of months. Now it has turned into eatery shop. And it’s also many FTZ (Free Trade Zone) employees favourite place to have their lunch too, reason is simple cuz, there are many choices to choose from the menu and the price is absolutely reasonable.
This place is much cater for the young generation, there’s sofa set meant for people to wait or even hang around after working hours, though they do not have beer and other liquors. Oh, not that I forget this is a Halal café too. And, there’s a computer area for people to online unlimitedly, spacious dining area for smoking area and non-smoking area.

What my in-law told me that their Chicken Meat Lobak is one of the best selling dish as well as the Seafood Home Made Tofu.

Apart from those finger foods, we also have Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Wings and Bread Toast to much before we have our main dish.

We also have a Seafood Tomyam for a start, hubby told me that it isn’t that bad, however, Tomyam is something very subjective. Many would want it sour and spicy, some may just want to taste it averagely. But, we received pretty good comment about it.

I’ve got myself a Black Pepper Chicken Chop, which is good to have it, cuz, it’s marinated with lots of black pepper and rosemary. I supposed they pan friend it and the meat is tender and smooth.
Hubby likes to have a New Zealand Lamb Chop with Mint Sauce, in fact, he’s been yearning for it for quite sometime. You would be surprised it’s about 4 pieces on the plate with only RM13.90!

The others of the family member ordered local delight like Nasi Lemak, before I could take any shots, there they go, gone into their stomach. [LOL]

Oh yes, not to forget Rib Eye Steak with BBQ sauce. It was 70% well done and the meat was tender and delicious.

After the meal, my brother-in-law brought us 2 slices of cheese cake. The cheese cake is rich and yummy. In fact, I like the chocolate cheese cake better, cuz, chocolate is my favourite. [LOL]

You may find Coffee Bean, Starbucks, or Secret Recipes a bit pricey for the cakes, am sure you will not find this costly yet delicious. Further, the place is so convenient and it’s rather spacious for friends gathering too.

Address & Contact Number
Unit 1-1-12, 1-1-13, 1-1-14
Krystal Point Corporate Park
Lebuh Bukit Kecil 6
11900 Bayan Lepas
Tel: +604-642 1133


Christina Kim said…
That seemed like a really nice place!~
The prices are good too ^_^
minchow said…
Cheap and good! I like! The portion looks like a decent feed too!
J2Kfm said…
good place. simple food. but lots of varieties.
i can imagine your in-laws frowning (while downing their nasi lemak, no less) thinking, what has gotten into their daugh-in-law, snapping at the food rather than digging in? =P
Food Promotions said…
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Anonymous said…
Krystal Point seems to have many good food. I never tried this restaurant and would like to tried it one day in the future. the price seems cheap and reasonable.

the other day, one of my friend just asked, where is the tm point ar? LOL!

too bad u missed the gathering. we all are having fun! must join us next time ya.
choi yen said…
Interior look like normal kopitiam but with more varieties of food~~
cariso said…
So..are we gonna see you in next gathering? :)
ai wei said…
a nice place for a good afternoon tea as well~
Food Paradise said…
We went there for dinner just now and the foods that we ordered does not taste good. lol Glad that u enjoyed your meals.
Hi Christy, no doubt that the price is cheap.

Hi 550ml jar of faith, so when will you be visiting then?

Hi j2kfm, hahahaha... they were wondering, well, am doing my job, right?

Hi allenooi, will try to make it for the next gathering.

Hi cariso, thanks for dropping by. Will try, will try...

Hi ai wei, yup. You're right.

Hi food paradise, what did you order?? Care to share?
Anonymous said…
wow a new restaurant at Krystal Point! Food looks nice woh
Anonymous said…
Passed by this cafe but didn't try it yet. The interior looks nice...but I heard some other comments that the food and service is not really good...

*psstt...hope to see you in the next gathering* :)
meiyi said…
just wondering..
are u one of the share holders?
or at least your friends?

i heard this place has a lot of shareholders. :S
Anonymous said…
Woww..are you guys one of the share holder in that island red cafe? Coz i heard you could be one with around RM6k and some connections, heck, i think i saw at least 4 'bosses' when i was having my lunch there. Not to mention my friend's cousin is one of them.

Anyway, order Hokkien Mee and Tom Yam. Both tasted terrible. The Tom Yam in Kim Wan (english name forgot d lar but the owner's the same as the Sunshine Food court) tasted better. The prawns felt like they have been marinated with ice inside the fridge for too long and the mushrooms, wait, what mushrooms?

The Hokkien Mee's alot worst than the one served in Padang Brown (night). Even Sin Kim San's Hokkien Mee (night) tasted better without the mantis shrimp. With the mantis thingy it's like a comparison between heaven and hell. No prize in deciphering which one's which. The meat slices are even less than my 95 yrs old grandpa's hair.

Oh, to top it off, we waited for 45 mins for the stoopig Tom Yam to arrive. Too many chefs ruins the broth? Sure did in my case. 4 share holders, around 4~5 waiter/tress and we got our Tom Yam 45 mins later. Not to mention the iced coffee was less than 100ml a glass.

And then there's this fella, another share holder i presume, walks into the cafe in a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and a backpack with a cap to match. We thought jst another customer until he starts cleaning the table and taking down orders from one table to another before proceeding to serve them. Wat the..?? Everyone's wearing their uniform, where's his? Am i suppose to presume that any tom dick and harrry could be one of the 'gang' (read share holder) and start asking them to take down my orders or pass me the bill? Where's the uniformity? Sheesh...

Wasted RM6.90 for a Hokkien Mee which i could get for a better one down town. Wasted RM7.90 for a Tom Yam which i could get in Kim Wan kopitiam. And wasted RM watever for 2 glasses of drinks that quench nothing.

Thought of going back to try out the others when possible since the pictures are kinda nice but hello! i am staying in Penang island where there ARE an abundance of kopitiams in every nooks and corners of every road with better food served at half the price.
Anonymous said…
14 comments excluded moi and only 1 soul testified on actually trying out the place..though it doesnt taste good as mentioned.

The rest go gaa gaa about the place because of the interior this and internet connection that..

Maybe u bloggers or floggers should actually try out the place a couple of times before throwing in remarks out of pure, geniune assumptions... Else i think it's jst another worthless blog by another unreliable blogger like trillions out there.....
Undertypo said…
Yeah. Its something like MLM company.

6k per share.

Get RM 300 back per month with a complimentary RM 100 voucher.
Liang Mui said…
sounds like someone is giving some 'nice' comments here. but i do agree wif NKB where each and everyone's taste buds are different wic this particularly depends on ur mood and feelings. today i might commented tat a fried mee hoon is nice but tomolo it might not taste nice to me anymore rite?

but i can understand y NKB was blogging out this place. i dunno whether she's one of the shareholder for this restaurant or not. but then who cares abt this rite? the main purpose of us as bloggers is just to share out sth that we feel tat it's nice to others. is tat a fault? different ppl will hv different perceptions. mayb u might think spending almost RM10 for a normal Tom Yam is ridiculous where u can get a cheaper price at Kim Wan but then does Kim Wan has the same environment as this restaurant has? if Kim Wan has the same environment, i bet they wont b just charging u RM4 for a Tom Yam.

sometimes we paid extra money is not just bcos of the food. it also covers the environment and wif whom we're together. i dunno how do u guys think abt it. but if i'm out together wif my family or frens, i'm willing to pay tat amt. :)

hope i dun offend anyone here :)
Jason Wong said…
Here comes the Vanity freak again! I thought it has changed, but still the old sock using the old comment and having the same attitude.

But I do agree with the freak that the food and service at Island Red Cafe is really not up to par. When the freak mentioned about the shareholder being arround, I guess it was just a few days after IRC's soft opening. I was there days after the opening, and was some what aggitated by the service flow, food quality and also the antics by the shareholders.

At my second visit last Friday, the food quality and service standard have not improved. For sure their deep fried dishes are a no no, their toast near average, coffee and tea also not comparable to Old Town. MAY BE NKOTB WAS LUCKY THAT NIGHT! Bear in mind that the cooks are not real Chefs, don't expect consistancy from them.

Anyway, the place is a good place to go for gatheings minus the food. The prices are cheaper than Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Breeks. As for value it depends what are we looking for.
Anonymous said…
Chef Yan of the famed TV program, "Wok With Yan" came to Malaysia for a presentation many years ago.

Malaysians in general were shocked by his standards of cookings. Horrible! was the comment whereas the Canadians said, "Bravo, Excellent!"

Yan stated that Malaysians preferred sweet foods whereas Canadians loved salts.

In cooking, the Chefs for restaurants are not the same as home chefs or housewives.

They do not know the customers and their individual special preferences. So, they have to set a standard of wobbling on the middle lines until the time the usual customers custom the joint.

House chefs know their family members well, hence food more palatable for the family concerned.

If you talk about the COFFEE, then O-Town has no match. I am talking as a daily connoiseur (expert) of coffee drinking for more than half a century. I drink many big cups per day till late night.

Like Prof Higgins of My Fair Lady who knew which street in London one comes from by the accent, I know the Malaysian coffee type by the taste.

Please don't ask me about tea. I am not a T-man

It does not matter if you don't believe me.

Now, take my Island Red Food suggestions:

1. Drinks
a) Green Apple Kasturi (Cold)
b) Island Red Coffee (Hot/Cold)

2. Foods
a) BBQ Chicken Chops
b) Chicken Porridge
c) Chicken Nasi Lemak

3) Breakfasts
Items 2b-2c from 8am to 11am.
Anonymous said…
I really think the nasi lemak is tasteless. The price for Nasi Lemak which cost RM6.90 is consider expensive as well.

Overall the food just average and the price just reasonable for restaurant price.
Unknown said…
the foods here in penang is ok.
might want to try it out.

Here's a list of all Island RED Cafe nearby your place