KL Food Hunt

Whoever drops by this corner of mine… please advise me where can I find C&G (aka Cheap & Good) food in the following –

The Garden
1 Utama
KL Pavillion
Suria KLCC

And also it has to be decent for a 2 year plus toddler too.

Thanks everyone!!


minchow said…
Cheap & Good at Gardens, Pavillion and KLCC is practically impossible! Still possible with 1-U. At Gardens, do try Din Tai Feng, Sushi Zanmai. There's the upmarket food court at Pavillion which still commands rather high prices. 1-U: Jarrod & Rawlins, Pick N Brew? Have fun!
Shell (貝殼) said…
The Garden : chinoz (pizza, pasta, dessert)
1 Utama : Pasta Zanmai
KL Pavillion : J & CO (donut), Mr bao, MOF(japanese dessert)
Suria KLCC : i like California Pizza Kitchen
ling239 said…
1 Utama... pls visit Zuup!!!
the soup is very good with many choices ^_^
Sharon Y. said…
Nothing can be cheaper than Pg! Haha. at shopping malls here can find some reasonably priced, good food

The Garden: Rakthai, Gelatissimo
1 Utama: Italiannies
KL Pavillion: J. Co Donuts! MOF - very cute concept of Jap dessert
Hi all,
Thank you very much!!! Will hunt for those outlet that mentioned!!! You guys have a great and pleasant holiday!!!
Liang Mui said…
pengsan!! dun ever hope to get cheap food ard tat places ya... haha.. not cheap!! to me, more than rm10 is consider not cheap liao.. wahahha...
Anonymous said…
KL Pavilion: Kampachi
The Gardens: Din Tai Feng
KLCC : Califonia Pizza
Steven Goh said…
KL, hardly get cheap good unless in Chee Cheong Kai. Btw, I still prefer Penang food. LOL.

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