Christmas' Gift from Westin KL

While I was in the bathroom dressing up for Christmas Eve dinner with hubby, suddenly I heard a door bell sound. Then hubby walked up and opened the door and caught by a surprise & a warm hospitality from the hotel.

We both have never expected this surprise from the hotel in fact.

This is something that the hotel thought for their guests who spent their Christmas out from their home.

So, what’s inside there?? A lollipop, fruit cake, cookies and a Santa Claus candy, isn’t it warmth and thoughtful of them?

I remember when I was small, dad brought us to KL for Christmas too, when the clock stroke 12am, all the cook from the kitchen marched out from the kitchen and have a bang on their wok, pots, and pans. That’s how they celebrated with their guests in their coffee house. Till today, I still remember it vividly.

Stay tune guys… I’ll have more to share after this.


Little Inbox said…
Wah, what a surprise for their guests. :)
worldwindows said…
This small but meaningful gift is the hallmark of a great hotel with great customer's service.
Food Paradise said…
What a wonderful and surprise gift. lol
-j- said…
nice hotel giving their guests gifts. most hotels don't!!
Dora said…
What a big lollipop! Think can share among a few people leh. :p
Hi Little Inbox, ya lor!!!

Hi WorldWindows, ya, I agreed.

Hi Food Paradise, ya ya ya...

Hi Duckie, most 5 star international hotels do give.

Hi Dora, hahahaa.... true also.
Steven Goh said…
wah... so good got santa clause give gift. why they don't give the ginger bread man? I love that.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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