Citrus Wine & Dine

In my recent visit to Ipoh, we had a great lunch in this place called Citrus Wine & Dine. I believe this is nothing to compare to the famous Indulgence which is owned by Julie Song.

Well, not going to elaborate with Indulgence but this Citrus. I was told many pharmaceutical personnel, doctors, like to hold functions or company event in this place. Probably the price is reasonable and also quality food.

It’s hard to find a place like that nowadays, it’s either food is lousy and price is high, or food is absolutely fantastic, and it’s pricey.

Well, this is the place that caters for quality food and reasonable price – Citrus Wine & Dine.

In fact, it’s a big group of us having lunch down here, thus, we didn’t order any of their Ala Carte food, but to go for their Set Lunch instead. In fact, their Set Lunch is satisfying, the food that serves are reasonable good, price is reasonable!

For that matter, think I’ll go back again.

Here’s what we have…

Soup of the Day – Broccoli Soup, the soup is creamy and fragrant.

Again, we have something extra, the Garlic Bread. Well, I gotta admit that the Garlic Bread is definitely can’t beat The Eclectic.

Main Course is either Aglio Olio Pasta with BBQ Chicken or Grilled Chicken with Thai Salad. But this Aglio Olio pasta is absolutely drooling, the serving is big… the BBQ Chicken is tender and juicy! Just fantastic!

Others are having BBQ Chicken with Thai Salad. They commented the BBQ Chicken is just too good to have it in the tummy. The meat is tender and juicy, and the time that they have marinated must be the key factor of making this BBQ Chicken so delicious.

After all that, what was served was the dessert – The Panna Cotta with Strawberry Sauce. I never know what is that, but only know this is good, nice and you can wacked it all out! Well, am a dessert person, what else could you ask for, right? By the way, from what I know Panna Cotta is actually an Italian Dessert, made by simmering together cream, milk and sugar, mixing this with gelatin and letting it cool until set.

Last… either Tea or Sprite. Well, some of us op for coffee, that’s something should have after a nice, satisfying meal, isn’t it??

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Address & Contact Number
Citrus Wine & Dine
No. 38-46 Laluan Ipoh Perdana
31400 Ipoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel: +605-545 1010

Business Hour:
11.30am to 3.00pm
6.30pm to 11.00pm
Closed on Monday


J2Kfm said…
yeah, value for money and worthy.

their panna cotta's good.

i went for a talk last week, at Citrus, and even their buffet spread's commendable.

the food's better than Indulgence, IMO.
Hi J2Kfm, wow, you're fast! That's many people commented that, they are much better than Indulgence!
worldwindows said…
BBQ chicken is definitely has value added compared with those deep- and pan-fried. Out of the ordinary desserts.
Bangsar-bAbE said…
I quickly scrolled down to find the IPOH. Sigh... =(
Food For Tots said…
This place is definitely worth the time to explore if I happen to visit Ipoh. ;)
Anonymous said…
Citrus, yea, comparatively more value for money and up to standard food!
Hi Worldwindows, ya, you're right.

Hi Bangsar-bAbE, thanks for dropping by. Hey, don't sigh, make a trip down to Ipoh for good food la!!

Hi Food for Tots, yes yes yes....

Hi Simple Girl, I was pretty impress with the food quality!
cariso said…
Aglio Olio!!! My favourite! :)
Anonymous said…
quite resonable price...
Hi Cariso, my favourite too!!

Hi Squall, yup, I was told.
Anonymous said…
This place is very near to my house in Ipoh but it always misses out from my head. ^^
Jason said…
I also heard a lot about Citrus. But from the pictures, seems like they are into western fusion with thai sauce and all. Will try it one day. One blog post mentioned their wagyu is better than Maria's... i wonder how true is that man

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