Him Heang 馨香餅家

What causes heavy traffic in Burmah Road??

Nope, it’s not the schools that along the road… not even road side stalls’ customer that causes that too!!

The actual fact….. is this…. Him Heang!!

Him Heang is a place where many tourists will swing by no matter how busy their schedules are. What are famous down here are their Tau Sah Peah (豆沙餅), Beh Teh Saw (馬蹄酥) & Phong Peah.

They used to use lard as one of the ingredients, perhaps nowadays people are more health conscious and they are now using vegetable oil instead. I was told Him Heang was established in 1948, can you imagine it has been here for 61 years already.

When I first bought the Tau Sah Peah, was only selling at RM5, then increased to RM6-50 and RM8-50.

Guess how much per box are they selling now??? It’s RM9-50 per box, and yet, you could still see the stream of customers flowing into the shop.

Happened that this is the box that I bought, there’s a defective one…. See!!

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Address & Contact Number
No. 162A Jalan Burmah
10050 Penang
Tel: +604-2286 129 / 130
Fax: +604-2288 286

Map as follow -

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worldwindows said…
I find it difficult to park, its best one to buy the other handle the car. Generally the most of the brands is not like it was. I like it the fillings moist and slightly lardy.
Anonymous said…
I always buy from Him Heang whenever i travel to Penang too ^^
Food For Tots said…
I like their Tau Sah Peah (豆沙餅), Beh Teh Saw (馬蹄酥) & Phong Peah. Can't find the same quality elsewhere. Must ask my parent to bring some over in their coming trip. Hehehe!
ai wei said…
they are MY FAVE!!!!!!!!

i will get crazy over these once a year. parents will brought them back in a dozen box.

half of them are for me. wahehehe
Hi Worldwindows, definitely difficult to park cars that's the reason why it causes the traffic jams. :)
BTW, I find that their filling is more moisture compared to Ghee Hiang.

Hi Life vs Food, thanks for dropping by. Thanks for supporting Penang snacks!! hahahahah

Hi Food for Tots, hehehehe.... you need anyone to courier to you?? That will help to cure some craving mood. :)

Hi Ivy, wow... KL also have fan ah? :)
Little Inbox said…
These days, when I crave for Tambun Piah, I'll just drive to nearby Chuan Ping Xiang. Can get the fresh bake, hot from the oven. Crispy somemore, Yummy!
Anonymous said…
I really don't understand lor... This shop is always packed with people one...
foodbin said…
can smell the aroma of the baked biscuit while standing outside the shop.good!
Food Paradise said…
Yes... they are so popular for their Tau Sar Peah. Once.... I have to queue up to wait to collect my Tau Sar Peah for my visitors. ^o^
-j- said…
hehe .. i like this .. can stuff the whole round ball into my mouth at once!!!
J2Kfm said…
Ghee Hiang or Him Heang nicer?
Ghee Hiang's the one with the baby statue right?
choi yen said…
It's a must buy item when visit Penang!!!
Babe_KL said…
actually i prefer ghee hiang :p the shallot taste is more prominent, more fragrant :D
Tummythoz said…
I find that nowadays their attitude & service is better. But bad experiences made me favours Ghee Hin more.
Hi Little Inbox, where?? Can share ah?

Hi Allie, fragrant smell some more!!

Hi Foodbin, ya ya ya ya, you're right!

Hi Food Paradise, hahahaha... your visitor likes it?

Hi Duckie, me too!! hahahaha

Hi J2Kfm, I prefer Him Heang, but Ghee Hiang is the original one. Ghee Hiang is the baby statue.

Hi mimid3vils, yup!!

Hi babe_kl, but Ghee Hiang a bit dry.

Hi Tummythoz, long time no see... howdy? What kind of bad experience???
buzzingbee said…
I agree with you that the filling of Him's Heang's tau sar peah is more moist than GH.
I prefer Him Heang and always tell visiting friends to buy from them. Haha!
ctan said…
any idea wat's the business hour? wwat signboards should i b going towards? kl ah moi lost in penang but craving for her all time fav! =P
Hi Buzzingbee, long time no see.... ya ya ya... Will buy GH and post about it. :)

Hi sLee, biz hour is from 8am to 5pm if am not mistaken. Direction from Penang Bridge to Him Heang Burmah Road as below -

Landmark is Union Primary School on your left, and Green House coffee shop opposite Him Heang. IF you know the way to the oldest hotel in town, you would be able to find Him Heang.
Anonymous said…
I'm a Penangnite who grows up with Him Heang.. i don;t know why i always prefer Him Heang than Ghee Hiang.. but to my ultimate disappoitment, the box i bought last week was damned disappointing, the biscuit has shrunk. And I'm angry most is the biscuit has so much flour taste, no frangrance, no eggy taste at all, too dry.. what's is Him Heang trying to do.. cut cost !!!

I appeal to the people in Penang to testify this.. foreigners to Penang.. please sharpen up your tongue ...and i swear i will not buy from Him Heang anymore...
amymumsy said…
Actually, Ghee Hiang's tau sar peah is also nice but because of the dishonest cashier, I decided not to buy from them ever again. I actually gave them a RM100 bill to buy a few boxes of tau sar peah but the male cashier treated the bill as RM50 and gave me the change which I did not really count until I went in the car. All of a sudden, it occurred to me that "Hey, I gave the cashier a RM100 bill" so I quickly went back to Ghee Hiang to confront the cashier. At first, he had the cheek to ask me, "Is it?" I told him to open up his drawer where he dropped the money in..True enough, the RM100 bill was on top. Shucks, what a shameful attitude for a reputable shop...So no more Ghee Hiang for our family.
May said…
do you know if this place ships overseas or of any companies that will ship this overseas for homesick fans?