Rainbow Modern Western Cuisine

It’s hard to find any place where they do not serve MSG, artificial flavouring but only spices & herbs.

Well, I found one in Penang, and it’s located in Tanjong Bungah, same row as Mom’s Kitchen where I’ve been before.

It was a hot Saturday after visited the Canon Fair in down town, we both decided to drive around and see what to have for lunch. In fact, I’ve totally forgotten about this place where I’ve been receiving email invitation from them.

When we reached it’s about 2 something, the place is quiet and all tables are empty. We both were a bit skeptical about the place, but still stepped into it.

Look thru the menu and we realize most of the food that recommended is pretty reasonable and affordable even though taxes are charged.

First, we have a plate of Garlic Bread (RM3-30) which served about 10 tiny pieces and the garlic butter which is home made or rather made to order.

Followed by a bowl of Carrot & Pumpkin Soup (RM4-50). The soup base is fragrance, it’s full of spices, and it’s also come with a toast too.

Then hubby’s Carbonara Chicken (RM7-90) is served. I could smell the cheesy cream, and presentation looks pleasant.

And here comes my sandwich – Roasted Chicken Sandwich (RM8-30). Hubby finds their bread is not any ordinary bread, he believes is home made. The bread is toasted with some greens, tomatoes and grilled onions accomplished to this lovely sandwich. Absolutely yummy!!

Hubby also order one of their signature drinks what comprises of Pineapple, Orange, Apple & Watermelon. 4 types of fruits blend together that only costs RM4-90.

Total damage for both of us is only RM30-35 (incl 5% Government Tax).

Address & Contact Number
Rainbow Modern Western Cuisine
26, Lebuh Lembah Permai 4
11200 Tanjung Bungah
Tel: +604-899 5190 / +6019-441 2979
Email: flouworld@gmail.com

Business Hour
11am – 3pm
6pm – 10.30pm

Close on Monday


Food For Tots said…
Looks simple yet delicious Western cuisine! Good find!
ck lam said…
Nice intro to this place with reasonable prices too. Will make a visit one day...thanks for sharing.
cariso said…
wow, this lembah permai area got more and more restaurants uh! Will pay a visit there one day.
Anonymous said…
the food looks good and the prices are reasonable also...worth trying ya! one more nice western food to check out in Penang
Hi Food for Tots, not only that, cheap, reasonable, affordable... value for money too!!! :)

Hi CK, hope to see your post on this.

Hi Cariso, ya lor... I was surprise to see that too...

Hi SimpleGirl, yup!!! But one put me a stop is the distance to these places.... :(
choi yen said…
RM3.30 come with 10pcs of garlic bread..!!! What a steal!!
worldwindows said…
The sandwich bread has nice colour and texture. Was that grill or press marks. Meat looks good!
Little Inbox said…
What a nice place that serve good quality food.
-j- said…
so very reasonable ... i love places like that!!!
Low said…
Food is reaonably priced and good for health concious people like me .. Like they say "Dun judge a book by its cover" ..
Unknown said…
The place looks cozy and reasonable price. I bet the fruits drink must tastes nice during a hot day. lol
Hi mimid3vils, cheap isn't it? unbelievable, right?

Hi worldwindows, press marks + toast, i supposed.

Hi Little Inbox, yup... and reasonable price too!

Hi Duckie, then the more you should visit them.

Hi Mr Low, I supposed you're the owner of Rainbow. We like the food very much and the price is affordable, especially at this point in time. BTW, thanks for dropping by to my blog.

Hi Food Paradise, oh yes, no doubt about it!
allie said…
Good food with reasonable price ! simply great!
Steven Goh said…
Is a nice and great place to be. Is a new place also, wanna find one day to pay this place a visit :) thanks for the info.
Low said…
Hi,thanks for your compliments but sorry to say I am not the owner of the place. It so happens that we are of the same surname. I am one of the outstation customers of rainbow since the time when they were at Jalan Kelawai. I usually try n eat there whenever my family are in Penang. In the present economy, we look for good, nutritious and reasonably priced food.
Food Promotions said…
Wow..another new restaurant at that area.
Heather said…
You're making me want to move to China! That sandwich looks better than some that we get at our local cafe!

Love your reviews, even though I'll never eat in these places!