Azuma Japanese Restaurant

Think many had blogged about Azuma Japanese Restaurant in Queensbay. Probably am one of the last one to blog about it.

When I first came to this place, I didn’t bring along my camera for photo shooting, one is because is on working day and never expect to carry my camera wherever I go. After the camera fair visit, we both were wondering what to have for lunch, and if you present a selective company badge, you’re entitled for a 10% discount. So, we decided to try Azuma Japanese Restaurant.

Hubby didn’t want to have bento set, which he finds it too filling and that’s what we normally have. So, he decided to have some ala carte and a bowl of fried rice.

He opted for Garlic Fried Rice. He was commenting it doesn’t really fragrant, but still bearable.

But I chose the USA Scallops Fried Rice. The amount of scallops is generously given, and it’s quite big bowl too. It’ll too filling for a person consume.

Pan Fried Bean Sprout was first to serve.

Followed by Teriyaki Chicken. It’s a bit too salty for our liking.

Then, Mixed Tempura, which consists of white fish fillet, 3 pieces of prawns, capsicum, yam, sweet potato, etc.

When we only ordered these few dishes, the waitress also informed us that’s a promotion on Hokkaido Long Leg Crab which they are promoting for the month of April. Hubby and I were laughing that since we are not able to visit Hokkaido in the near future, so, might as well order a plate and try.

To our surprise it was pretty good, with their special sauce added on top of the crab meat and some assorted mushrooms. Something unique…

Last, we’re served a single scoop of Green Tea Ice Cream.

Total damage if am not mistaken is about RM90+ for 2 persons.

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Address & Contact Number
No. 100-2F87
Queensbay Mall
Persiaran Bayan Indah
11900 Bayan Lepas
Tel: +604-641 3118

Business Hour
11am to 10.30pm


J2Kfm said…
yeah, very nice place for Japanese food. right smack in a mall some more. very convenient.
allie said…
I've yet to try this place out,
so you are not the last one :P
Little Inbox said…
You are not the last to blog about it. I think I "win" the last place, hehe...
time to visit penang liao ;)
Anonymous said…
wow,,,,quite pricey....but since everybody says good....should give a try
ck lam said…
I would like to try the Mixed Tempura :)
Hi J2Kfm, but a bit pricey, don't you think so??

Hi Allie & Little Inbox, hehehhe... thought am always the last

Hi Kamungboycitygal, it would great if we could meet you up.

Hi Simplegirl, a bit pricey, but food is good.

Hi CK, when I can't decide to have prawn tempura or what, they recommend this to us.
erinalaw said…
Hubby used to cook Garlic Rice for me. Quite nice and off course cannot compare to professional Japanese Chef lar.........
Steven Goh said…
nice place leh. I see many people blog about that not sure the food is ok woo, but the price seem like a bit high loh
My Taste Heaven said…
I would order the same as what you ordered, US scallops fried rice!
meiyi said…
""if you present a selective company badge, you’re entitled for a 10% discount""

- - just wondering, which company badge has the 10% entitlement?
Hi Erina, long time no see... I've not try to cook that myself... :)

Hi Steven, the price is slightly high, I agreed with that... food wise, worth going...

Hi My Taste Heaven, thanks for dropping by.... same order?? hahahaha

Hi meiyi, thanks for dropping by... can I email you?