If you remember clearly, I did mention in my The Eclectic post that hubby and I had a great chat with the staff over there, and they also recommended to us what to have in their group of restaurants, namely 32 Mansion, Bagan, etc.

On this day, a special day, hubby brought me to Bagan for dinner.

This is the fact that you wouldn’t want to deny yourself, you just love the deco and the food down there. In fact, we were told to have their Oldies Char Koay Teow, and it is fried by a 70s old man. Well, we didn’t plan to have that on this special day but we’ll definitely go back there again. And yes, just for the Char Koay Teow, which is RM15 if am not mistaken.

A pleasant evening starts with Bagan 18 and a glass of beer that will help to unwind whatever working stress for the week.

If you have those drinks, whether is liquor, cocktails, mocktail, martini, wine, various brands of beer, shooters, etc, at their Happy Hour, all are charge only half price.

For a start, we didn’t want to miss their famous and fragrant Garlic Bread (RM2-50), thus, we have a plate of that.

We have Tangy Salad with Orange Mango Chutney, Toasted Almond with Miso Balsamic Vinaigrette (RM14-00) to share among us. Well, I did highlight to the staff over there… the salad is kind of salty, which they reckon that could be the cheese and the Miso Balsami dressing that they are using. Of course, all comments are all welcome to improve their food quality.

Main course for us to choose are honestly making us undecided. But, hubby has Breaded Chicken Breast with Chicken Ham, Pitted Black Olives & Parmesan, Creamy Mushroom Sauce (RM37-00). It was just too excellent when you bite on it, feels like heaven! [LOL]

And I have something which I have not been eating for sometime, Char Grilled Rack of Lamb, Mint & Garlic Sauces (RM49-00). The meat is not over cooked, it’s tender and juicy. It marinated with mints for some time that makes the lamb so fragrant and delicious.

To understand how well the chef has prepared us the meal, this picture could tell it all. Doesn’t mean a picture tells a thousand words??

On this special evening, hubby was suggesting, why don’t we have something sweet to end the dinner. Well, to my special craving on desserts, and without worrying the weight, of course, I’ll give a go ahead signal.

The staff recommended their Home Made Ice Cream, and they have choices like Gula Melaka (that’s brown sugar), Basil and Cream Cheese. And we opted for Gula Melaka which they asked us to give it a try, single scoop is about RM6-00.

Before I made up my mind for my own choice of dessert, I thought of trying Belgium Truffle, but they recommended another dessert which really tempted me. And here it is, Hazel Nut Chocolate Praline Semi Fredo with Paysanne of Fruits (RM15-00).

Oh ya, did I forget to mention, after 1 glass of Bagan 18, I find it not enough, but to get myself another glass of Bagan’s Heart (RM14-00)? Let me tell you, it was equally good as Bagan 18. [wink]

Total damage RM148-10 with special 10% discount inclusive. It was a wonderful and pleasant evening that we both had spent! Am sure, we’ll go back there again!

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Infatuation for Babydoll

Address & Contact Number
No. 18, Jalan Bagan Jermal
10250 Penang
Tel/Fax: +604-226 4977

Business Hour
3.00pm to 1.00am
(Monday to Thursday)

3.00pm to 2.00am
(Friday to Sunday)

Last order for the Kitchen is at 11.30pm daily


Unknown said…
wow.... this is also one in my food hunt list. ^o^ After reading your posts, I will definitely went there one day to try the foods and drinks...... Thanks for sharing!
J2Kfm said…
splendid dining fare. the ambience befits the price, and the quality (I hope).

funny the garlic bread n salad cheap, while the mains pricier by a far margin.
Jason Wong said…
The dishes seems nice. Especially the salad with shaved cheese on top. After Kelawei 68, we have not patronized any other outlet from that group.

By the way, Gula Melaka is coconut sugar and not brown sugar.
Steven Goh said…
I used to have a mug or two at Bagan instead of dinning there. However, for the food there I feel that the price is a bit slide higher, don't you think so?
Little Inbox said…
You ate a lot hor? You must be in good mood to enjoy the special meal with your dearest. :D
Anonymous said…
wow, what special occassion? your wedding anniversary? just curious...anyway, I am sure u n your hubby had nice time...the desserts look superb!
minchow said…
Hey, looks like they switched up the concept? At one time they were doing Nyonya, which wasn't that spectacular given the prices they charged. Then at one time, they stopped serving food altogether. I guess they've gone back to basics, to what they do well elsewhere.
worldwindows said…
Ambiance and presentation are nice. Many choices in Gurney area. The food must be good going by this satisfied post.
ai wei said…
ur hubby is really sweet. this place looks good. eh... penang has lots of nice yummy place to dine in!
foodbin said…
looks like a good place to dine
sakaigirl said…
I pass by this restaurant many times, always wonder how was the food, thnx for sharing with us! I'll be waiting for someone to spend it on me, haha!
cariso said…
The picture says it all. Must be damn good! :)
Leonard Loh said…
Nice one... I'd always passed by this restaurant and always have the impression that it's very expensive and all...

Bagan is on my wish-list now!
Hi Food Paradise, no problem... looking forward for your post.
Hi J2Ffm, dining fare and the ambience is sure befits the price and quality, no doubt about that.

Hi Jason, thanks for correcting me.

Hi Steven, not quite la....

Hi Little Inbox, ya, I ate a lot!! hehehehe....

Hi SimpleGirl, yes, we had a great time.

Hi 550ml jar of faith, ya, I remember once they were serving Nyonya.... I guess the Nyonya can't compete with the others in the Island.

Hi Worldwindows, oh yes... no doubt about it.

Hi Ivy, but compared to KL, think KL has a lot more. :D

Hi Foodbin, yes yes yes...

Hi Sakaigirl, ya, can have a date there.

Hi Cariso, hahahaha... what do you think??

Hi Leonard, not quite ... reasonable price.