Everyday Supreme Restaurant 天天大酒樓

I’ve heard a lot about this restaurant and got to know one of the chefs from the renowned Chinese Restaurant cross over to this place. But never had a chance till recently my cousin sister brought her 2 sons over for a short break, hubby and I decided to bring them here for a simple meal.

Since we have kids with us, thus we gotta have something non-spicy and suit their liking like steamed tofu.

This is one of the best dish… the tofu is so soft and smooth. With the minced meat and mushroom on top. It’s delicious indeed!!

Another one is what they recommended Chicken Dice with Salted Fish in Claypot. For kids may find it spicy cuz, they used dried chili to fry till fragrant.

Steam Cod Fish with soya sauce, a simple way of steaming. Best to serve with steam rice!!

Last, a plate of vegetables with special broth (奶白上湯).

With all these dishes, and 3 adults and a kiddo, total damage is only RM87++. Also a good choice for wedding banquet and birthday dinner for the elderly. Think farewell dinner or lunch would be a good venue too… after all, times are bad, and everywhere is retrenching. Right?

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Address & Contact Number
Everyday Supreme Restaurant 天天大酒樓
202-A Macalister Road
10400 Penang
(Red Rock Hotel, 1st Floor)
Tel: +604-227 0678, 227 3678
Fax: +604-226 0678


Unknown said…
I heard lots about this but have not try it too. Thanks for sharing. ^o^
Fatty Jean said…
look vy nice all the food
can try to have it when go for trip in Penang. Cheer!!
ai wei said…
not cheap but i guess the fresh steam cod fish is worth for the price
choi yen said…
chicken / pork with salted fish is one of my favorite dish, go weel with white rice~~
Anonymous said…
dishes look good....and quite reasonable price la...coz cod fish is expensive ma! nice place for order dishes
Cheryl Wee said…
wah lao.. .i'm drooling just looking at the pics! And I just had my dinner wei~~

tks for linking my post yea! :D
tigerfish said…
All the dishes go well with steamed rice! I need a lot of rice!
worldwindows said…
Safe choices, no need to think ordering:)
Steven Goh said…
oh this 1 I was there on my friend's wedding dinner. The food is not bad at all and I heard that the red cooked pork leg is excellent. Wanna find one day to try that out dee.
Little Inbox said…
Inside the Red Rock Hotel, I see...
Babe_KL said…
sounds cheap with the cod thrown in. u can never get such prices in KL :P
Timothy Low said…
Awesomely written. I shall try this place out on my next visit !
Shell (貝殼) said…
the tofu looks like egg ~~
Selba said…
The Chicken Dice with Salted Fish in Claypot looks so yummy :)
Sugar Bean said…
The tofu and the claypot chicken look so delicious! Another good spot for food in Penang! Will mark this down. =)
Hi Food Paradise, I've tried that not bad.... but some how, my sister attended a wedding dinner down there. Was told the food wasn't that good after all.... Do check it out yourself when convenient.

Hi Fatty Jean, Thanks for dropping by. Well, do check us out if you're coming to Penang.... Look for our blogs, some of them give good recommendation for Penang food!

Hi Ai Wei, to me is reasonable la...

Hi mimid3vils, oh yes... no doubt about that... so, how many bowl of rice can you take then??

Hi SimpleGirl, ya lor... I find it reasonable lor.

Hi Cheryl Wee, thanks for dropping by.

Hi Tigerfish, long time no see... looks like all these dishes need lot of rice rice rice!! hahahahaha

Hi worldwindows, ya lor!!!

Hi Steven, is that so?? So said nice, some said not nice. I wonder was it the chef get up from the wrong side of the bed?? Cuz, my sis attended a wedding dinner down there... It wasn't good at all.

Hi Little Inbox, yup!! 1st floor, pal!

Hi Babe_KL, yup!!! at first, we thought of getting Nam Kor Fish, unfortunately no stock... so we took the cod fish instead.

Hi Tim, thanks for dropping by.... oh yes... dont hesitate that!

Hi Shell (貝殼), ya ya ya... it's so soft and smooth. Many people mistaken is an steam egg. :)

Hi Selba, excellent taste too!!

Hi Sugar Bean, :) so, when are you coming back for Penang food???

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