Can’t remember which Friday, Switch invited hubby for iPhone intro in Gurney Plaza. And we were told there’ll be a buffet line for invited guests.

We would thought that what offers down there can’t really fills up the tummy, hence, we just simply hopped into Nando’s the Peri-Peri Chicken.

Have you all thought of how does this outlet being franchised in Malaysia?? If am not mistaken the story of the franchiser was interviewed by the Star Paper and also how is this outlet being established in Malaysia.

Anyway, it’s been some time or rather few years we didn’t eat in Nando’s, and we didn’t know they have changed their menu a fair bit.

We have a plate of Chicken Kebab with 2 side lines (Peri Chips and Coleslaw) that costs about RM15-50.

And a plate of ¼ Chicken with 2 side lines (Mediterranean Rice and Peri Chips) RM14-50.

We didn’t opt for extra hot, just an ordinary one, didn’t want to have stomach upset then after.

Total damage was RM48-05 included a cup of Hot Brew Coffee (RM5-90) and a glass of Strawberry drinks (RM5-90).

A nice place for a quick bite if you are not fussy of anything….

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choi yen said…
Definitely my favorite especially the garlic peri-peri sauce~~
Little Inbox said…
It's my favorite too. It's a famous spot when my colleagues and I have function. But, recently I found my stomach doesn't accept any Extra flaming sauce like previously it did. :)
Duckie said…
i like this place too!!
ck lam said…
I especially like their sauces which is exceptionally different from others.
Steven Goh said…
I just had peri-peri chicken last week, it was nice. Compare the service of nandos with kenny rogers, nandos beat kenny way back. My order arrive 3 minutes after I had seated even is at the peak hours.
allie said…
Last time they used to have bottomless soup ... now no more.. so sad.. :(
cariso said…
I prefer nandos to kenny rogers & dave deli. :)
Sugar Bean said…
Nando's, one of the favourite places I like to go for chicken. I love the extra spice hot peri-peri. So exciting! Haha!
Vincent said…
Hi I have migrate my blog to :, please update accordingly. TQ

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