Siong Ho Fish Head Noodle & Porridge @ Weld Quay

I have never attended any food review with the fellow bloggers from Penang before. April 18 was the first time that I’ve met some of the celebrity bloggers. And here comes the second one that initiated by Criz, and I finally meet Steven, Cokeworld Citizen, Buzzing Bee and Gourmet Garden.

It was an honor to receive the invitation from Criz, and invited me for a food review. I’ve never attended any food review with them before, all these while all the food reviews and blogger gatherings clash with either my family matter or health reason.

Criz also told me that there will be more review on the way too. In fact, such food review, you’re not only got to know the chef’s way of cooking, the operation in the kitchen and also some learning tips in photography with the follow bloggers. And the most common in all of us are… camera shooting here and there. Flash light here and there. It’s another way of enjoying the fun.

I was like any new comer that dare not move around, as I do not know what’s other surprises that will come around… so when the food was served, everyone was excited to take pictures, shooting here and there, where as, I was slow and taking time to shoot. But from all these incidents, you will tend to know which blogger has special request, special requirement, and some are laughing out loud that this fellow is fussy in taking pictures things like that. Bottom line, everyone is enjoying each other’s laughter and jokes.

Ingredients lining up nicely for us to take photo, Criz even line up those prawns nicely for us to shoot. Cokeworld Citizen took a crab on to the weighing scale for us to shoot on the crab.

The chef is posing his giant grouper fish head and showed us, all the camera flashes non-stop keep flashing on the chef as well as the fish head. That doesn’t sound like any celebrity, doesn’t it?

Ingredients for ordering down from deep fried fish meat, fresh fish meat, boar’s kidney, paddy frog, fish ball, meat ball, squid, prawns, bean curd skins, quail eggs and even crabs.

As for the noodles down from vermicelli, maggi noodle, thick vermicelli and they even cook seafood porridge or even meat porridge.

Ingredients for Tomyam soup which consists of mushrooms, tomatoes, not to forget the chili padi. And mint leafs for garnishing.

Criz also ordered the nutmeg drinks for us, apparently it’s their specialty.

Didn’t realize time passes so fast, 4 bowls of different type of noodle were served. Everyone of us were busy taking the best shot on these 4 bowls of noodles.

From the ordinary type of fish head noodle which is consists of deep fried fish meat and thick rice vermicelli, and followed by …

Fresh prawns with mushroom Tomyam Maggi noodle, garnished with mint leafs to make this perfect.

Another bowl is squid with maggi noodle (or we called it processed noodle).

The normal rice vermicelli (thinner type) is match with fresh prawns. Comparatively this is sweeter than squid.

After the 4 bowls of noodles, and here it comes the porridge which the chef had prepared for us.

First was served the fresh fish meat porridge.

Followed by the paddy frog porridge.

Fresh crab thick rice vermicelli (cho bee hoon) was another bowl for us to review, to taste. This is the thumbs up due to the soup base was absolutely sweet and tasty.

Fresh grouper fish head wheat vermicelli (mee suah) was what I thought the last bowl. Never knew and never expect there is another surprise coming up.

Here comes the surprise… the big pot of tomyam soup which consists of many other ingredients, ie. Squid, fresh fish meat, deep fried fish meat, fish balls, meat balls, minced meat, quail egg, mushrooms.

That ends the review for the night with lots of laughter, lots of camera flash lights, lots of jokes. Am sure there will be more reviews to come!

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Address & Contact Number
107-A Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay)
10300 Penang
Tel: +6019-458 8693 (Mr Teh/Ah Ho)

Opening hours: 12noon to 11.30pm
Open daily, close on 1st & 15th day of Lunar Calendar

GPS: 5.411414, 100.336897


Unknown said…
wow.... heard that all of you are so full that night. ^-^ Too bad that I cannot make it. Or else, I will have the honour to meet you. ^-^
Hahaha don't forget I am a newbie too ;) Hope to meet you in future reviews~
Sugar Bean said…
Another food review? Sounds fun, we miss it so much! I have no idea what is a nutmeg drink. How does it taste like? The tomyam looks good, with good seafood, it's perfect!
Anonymous said…
oh...nice seafood with noodles and that new stall?
Wendy said…
thanks for sharing this place, will definitely try out in my next return to Penang!
Little Inbox said…
Oh, so this was the one that I missed out.
minchow said…
Everything looks awesome!! Looking forward to more great food finds from you Penang based floggers... I have learned so much from my hometown from you guys, keep em coming. I need to get me some tomyam today!!
Hi Food Paradise, ya lor!! Wish to meet you some day.

Hi Cokeworld Citizen, ya ya ya... me too... struggled for writing this review. It's not easy.

Hi Sugar Bean, my very 1st official food review together with the fellow bloggers.

Hi SimpleGirl, I don't think so... just another branch out stall. The main is located in Sungai Tiram.

Hi Giggle, thanks for dropping by. Glad you will try this out when you return to Penang. :)

Hi Little Inbox, thanks for checking this out even you're abroad. Yes, this is the one that you've missed out. Wish to meet you in the near future.
CRIZ LAI said…
Don't worry about us NKOTB... we floggers can be real crazy at times... blame it on the intoxication of good food surrounding us. :P

Well, you were not the only one who got the "food culture shock", the boss too! He even forgot to add in the large prawns for the large tom yam soup.. haha!

Anyway, it's great to finally meet up with you. Let's look forward to more reviews together. :)
jason said…
I like nutmeg drink but it's hard to get it in the south. :(

Glad to hear that you had fun.
choi yen said…
What a feast!!!
Steven Goh said…
wao, your siong ho fish head noodle already out, mine still in the pending list :( Btw, I really love the cheng thng mee sua leh. I am going back for that again. Wanna rombongan back there?
squall said…
wow...really alot choice of seafood...i wan eat tom yam...
Big Boys Oven said…
Looks really delicious! yummy right!
Oh! we recreated another wedding cake that we did in Penang, yet to post and it is now on the showcase at Prince Hotel! :)
cariso said…
Gosh, I should have come with tongkat! :)
Lingzie said…
im really craving for some tom yam now! lol
allie said…
I vote for the vermicelli with crabs. It looks good!
worldwindows said…
Fresh, fresh, fresh the maxim for seafood. The display is proof. I like the Grouper Fish Head noodles anytime but with mee-hoon.
tigerfish said…
I would not know which dish to order! They seem all my favs :)
Big Boys Oven said…
hahahah someone selling fish ka? :)
Apple Foodees said…
Where is Weld Quay? IS it a new location in Penang. Too bad I'm at KL right now. I'm sure they serve the best food in Penang currently?
buzzingbee said…
It was great to have finally met you! Hope you were not intimidated by our antics :)

Nice write-up! Hope to see you again some other time.
Alan said…
Great pics! Looks so delicious...Will definite try to find the place and try it!