Feringgi Grill

- I apologize for all blur photos, the light was too dim, and am a new user to a SLR, as such not able to capture any nice shots on this memorable dinner -

How do you all spend your wedding anniversary with your love one??
I know some of my friends will ask the husband to give them a surprise by observing their wives what they like and what they hint.

Remember I did talk about it, hubby and I have a special place where he and I love this place and we made it a point to spend our wedding anniversary there.

Yes, this is the place …. Feringgi Grill in Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa.

We both would like to thank them for giving us a fond memory, not to mention an excellent services and great food.

We never make any reservation in fact, it was merely walk in to find out whether the place is full or still have a few tables for people like us. The staff there were polite and attentive, straight away they told us, the kitchen is open and they can reserve a nice view for us.

We took our sweet time walked around the resort, and of course took some photos too…. Not that we both had stayed here before, well… Rasa Sayang has its international reputation which also attracted former British Prime Minister, Mr Tony Blair came here for his vacation too.

When we were guided to our table, the staff immediately hand us the menu. The menu which has the Chef’s specialty and also the set dinner for the night too. Apart from that, a dessert menu is presented after the dinner and of course a wine menu will be pairing with the food menu.

While we were flipping thru the menu, a basket of bread was served, bread that has grilled with charcoal, and even as thin as a paper is served. This is something different which they served with butter or tomato sauce. I supposed that’s for the grilled bread.
Apart from that, or rather before the starter, we were given a small piece of lamb with some herbs. It was tantalizing.

While we were debating what to have for our dinner… the staff was kind and recommended a few for us to choose. Hubby chose Chef Adam’s choice – Wood Plank Monkfish (RM110++) which pairing with a glass of wine that costs RM27++, it’s something sweet and not too dry. And I have Quack Quack (RM105++)for myself.

Know what, I’ve tried many tomato soup in town, no other could beat their Feringgi Grill Classic Tomato Soup (RM32++), which they will show you how they make it on the spot for their guests. And I am in love with this soup for so many years.

The soup is simple; first they will heat up the herb butter, then pour in the fine chop shallots, mushrooms and stir until it fragrant. Then they will put the freeze concentrated tomato puree (which is their home made) slowly heat it up in the hot pan. Add on some wine that burst out the flame (which I didn’t manage to capture that), then pour it on to the soup bowl, added the finely chopped chives and pour the cream on to the soup.

I truly enjoyed every sip of this soup… it’s just too good to write it out.

Next, another classic from Feringgi Grill is their Caesar Salad (WR Jacob Greek Garden – RM30++). Egg York, Anchovies, Mustard, Shallots, Garlic, Cheese and others, the staff will mix well all the mentioned ingredients and place it nicely on a plate for the guest.

After our starter, a Lemon & Lime Sorbet that serves on a Martini glass were given to wash off the flavour that we had earlier.

Few minutes later, we were served with our main entrée.

Wood Plank Monkfish was his choice. Couple of years ago, I’d tried Monkfish before, but that time I was having it baked, this time, hubby have it in an adventure way. It was something different and it was awesome to him.

Well, mine was Quack Quack… which animal sounds quack quack quack?? Well, of course any kids will answer you that - duck la! Yup, I have Duck on my plate for the night. A solid duck meat lightly roasted, and duck liver roasted and rested on the dried fruits. It was stunningly delicious.

After my meal, I took a few minutes away, and they came forward to inform my husband that do not order any extra dessert as they are giving one for us. When I came back, hubby shared this surprise with me, and I was so shy to receive this piece of surprise from Feringgi Grill.

From the set dinner that hubby ordered, it’s already come with an Apple Crumble Pie for him, and added another complimentary dessert, am afraid we both gotta carry our full tummy out from here.

Before the surprise, I was thinking to have their classic dessert, The Crepe Dessert. But that give me another reason to go back again. Right?

Here comes the Apple Crumble Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream. It isn’t that sweet, but it’s something that will take your mind away. Cuz, it’s good, nice and great!

And these 2 lovely cake that is complimentary from Feringgi Grill.

Last… each one of us was given 2 chocolates to end the dinner at this wonderful, elegant fine dining restaurant.

Address & Contact Number
Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa
Batu Feringgi Beach
11100 Penang
Tel: +604-888 8888
Fax: +604-881 1800
Note: Located at Rasa Wing Lobby, Mezzanine Floor

Breakfast: 7am to 10.30am (for Rasa Wing Guests)
Dinner: 6.30pm to 10.30pm

Dress Code: Smart & Casual
Smoking Policy: Non-Smoking Restaurant

Note: Awards
1. "Malaysia's Best Restaurants", Illustrated Magazine Publishing, 2002-2004
2. Travel & Leisure's Best New Restaurants In Asia, 2007
3. Best Six New Restaurants In Asia, Travel + Leisure's (US), June 2007


buzzingbee said…
wow I can't stop looking at the desserts!!
Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!! :)
minchow said…
How wonderful!! Ferringhi Grill really sets a different standard in Penang dining. You both are ever so lucky to have each other! Happy Anniversary and may there be many more (with equally great meals) to come!! :-D
squall said…
wat a nice and sweet aniversary...wish u happy aniversary...
Little Inbox said…
Happy Anniversary, pal!
Lingzie said…
what a lovely feast! this is definitely the place to go to for a very special occasion. happy anniversary to the both of you!
ck lam said…
Happy Anniversary!...indeed a sweet and romantic dinner on that special day.
Unknown said…
Happy anniversary to you and your hubby. My hubby also mentioned this place to me some time back. ^-^ But have not step in yet. Thanks for sharing and the desserts are so attracting. ^-^
Sugar Bean said…
Happy Anniversary to you! A really lovely dinner to celebrate your anniversary. So 幸福. :)

I can't really remember my stay in Rasa Sayang since I was too young back then. But I stayed in Mutiara more often. Their service was quite bad back then, should've stayed in Rasa Sayang more!
Big Boys Oven said…
wow! congratulation on your anniversary! so romantic definitely a place to be. ;)
Anonymous said…
Happy Anniversary!!! some more got new camera...ya...must b a nice celebration!!!
Lengx2 said…
Happy Anniversary and many many more to come! It's really great to hear that Ferringhi Grill has made such an effort to make it a much more memorable night for the both of you!

I really enjoy reading your blog and do keep up the good work :)
-j- said…
=) happy anniversary!!! hope you had a wonderful time.
J2Kfm said…
this is so sweet ... indulging moments, to be shared between 2 love-doves. :)

ferringhi grill won several awards, did it not?
foodbin said…
a truly great dinner-Happy Anniversary!
worldwindows said…
Happy Day! This is a nice place I supposed to spend the time and money (well-spent)
gill gill said…
Happy Anniversary! such a wonderful place & food to celebrate with your love once.
Iva said…
mmm that looks good and happy anniversary to you.

Thanks for sharing. All the best
Anonymous said…
opppsh ... i was one of the team member during that time XD